TOTA CEO and President, Glenn Mandziuk.

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) has been named the Tourism Laureate and winner of the International Place Marketing Award at the Place Marketing Forum in Lille, France for its leadership work in Sustainable Responsible Tourism.

The awards “recognize the most emblematic achievements of place marketing worldwide” and projects are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation or idea bringing a major improvement in one or more areas
  • Remarkable Results with unquestionable qualitative and quantitative results
  • Emblematic Projects practice or realization that is emblematic of current trends and new practices in place marketing

The Forum is an annual 2-day event organized by the New Place Marketing and Attractiveness Chair (A&NMT) of the Public Management Institute (Aix-Marseille University) that brings together international leaders, elected officials, and decision-makers to exchange best practices in destination marketing around the globe.

As part of winning this award, TOTA CEO and President, Glenn Mandziuk, was recognized as a Laureate by the University and presented on the collective efforts of the Thompson Okanagan region to the over 500 in attendance. “Our team is so honoured to be recognized for our collective work in sustainable destination marketing and to have this opportunity to share the exciting initiatives underway in our region with the world”, says Mandziuk. “This would not be possible without the strong collaboration of our industry stakeholders, community Destination Marketing Organizations, corporate partners, Destination BC and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, whom we are so grateful for their support and innovative activities.”

TOTA is committed to creating a strong and healthy tourism economy while minimizing the impact on our natural and cultural resources by promoting sustainable business practices and responsible travel. The Association is guided by “Embracing Our Potential,” a 10-year Regional Tourism Strategy, working to strengthen seasonality, territorial cohesion, preservation of the environment, and enhancing local culture.

In the tourism category, TOTA was able to receive the award over some incredible international organizations and projects including:

  • Amsterdam Marketing, City of Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • America’s Musical Journey, Brand USA – United States
  • Comptoir des Loisirs d’Evreux – France
  • Culture Captcha – Kenya Tourism Board – Kenya
  • Made in Pic Saint Loup Association – France
  • Bisca Grands Iacs Tourist Office – France
  • Route of Industrial Culture, Ruhr Region – Germany
  • Biot Glass Factory – France
  • Visit Victoria – Australia
  • Wonderful Copenhagen – Denmark
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