Google’s Gmail Smart Compose Will Suggest Email Subjects Based On Your Email Text

Google’s Gmail Smart Compose Will Suggest Email Subjects Based On Your Email Text

Things are apparently moving (too) fast at Gmail’s offices. Months after we saw text suggestions as we type our emails – we will have to get used to another handy feature which is named Smart Compose.

Essentially, Google has been working on Smart Compose in order to help its users craft better subjects for their emails. The new ability arrived on Gmail today and moves us slightly closer to a future where we can rely on bots to replace our mundane communications.

Handy – Or Just Creepy?

There are a lot of mixed feelings about the Smart Compose feature right now by users worldwide. While some are seeing it as the next time-saving thing when writing their emails, others still can’t get used to the guessing of the next part of their sentences based on their writing habits.

What is clear is that Google’s bot is very smart – which is best seen in situations when you are ending an email and want to thank someone or ask them to “reply as soon as they can.” Here, Smart Compose tailors to your own writing style and according to Google, “cuts down on the effort it takes for you to write emails and replies.”

Suggesting A Subject For Your Email Based On Its Content

Mixed feelings aside, Smart Compose’s new feature is really useful – especially for the people who don’t see themselves as the Gmail Hemingways.

In short, the feature suggests a subject based on the content of your email. For example, if you are congratulating a friend for their birthday or making plans about their event, it may automatically place “Happy Birthday!” in the subject.

The expanded feature will roll out to all Gmail users now. According to Google, it may take up to fifteen days to see it go live. Even though the feature is on by default, all of the users who think that it is a bit creepy can toggle it On or Off in the Settings menu.

We can’t wait to try it out! What about you?

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