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TECH: Bluetooth Creates Your Custom Shampoo?

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Bluetooth Device Will Look Inside Your Hair (And Create A Customized Shampoo For You)

Big news come from Henkel Beauty Care (Schwarzkopf), a leading brand in hair care. According to their latest Professional SalonLab haircare system, we could all benefit from a handheld Bluetooth-based device with sensors that will measure internal hair quality and create a customized shampoo for your needs.

What a time to be alive, right?

For a long time, hair care companies have tried to create the perfect shampoo for every type of hair. However, since every human is different nowadays, it takes some time to see if a shampoo bottle is actually right for your hair. Usually, it takes some time to use a shampoo and see the results that it brings.

A couple of days ago, Henkel Beauty Care announced the creation of something different – a handheld and Bluetooth-connected device that will analyze your strands, talk to an app and design the perfectly customized shampoo formula for you.

The handheld analyzer is the size of an average smartphone that gets data as soon as you run it through your hair from root to tip. The near-infrared and visible light sensors will measure your hair quality, inner structure, moisture level and true hair color.

Even though the analyzer is not meant to replace the expertise of stylists, it is accurate and provides information on how to properly take care of your hair, according to Marie-Eve Schroeder, CMO at Henkel Beauty Care.

As Schroeder said, “A good and trained hairdresser can tell if hair is damaged, but they could never look into the hair”. The SalonLab system is coming to the US and Europe in 2018 and will be available in Schwarzkopf Professional hair salons.

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