Shane’s Top 21 Songs of 2021

Shane’s Top 21 Songs of 2021

Photo credit and copyrights to Shane Collins & Gonzo Okanagan

2021 has seen a wide spectrum of natural disasters, political unrest and the continuing reach and shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic. 


I thought it’d be fun to lay out a brighter side of things with a list of 21 songs that popped up over this past year. One list of music overall, another of local talent found right here in the Okanagan. 

These are some personal favourites of mine.  

I’ve made a playlist for you to check out if you feel inclined to do so. I hope you enjoy the music. 


  1. Willie Dunn: THE DREAMER
  2. Nathaniel Rateliff & the night sweats: FACE DOWN IN THE MOMENT
  3. Langhorne Slim: MIGHTY SOUL
  4. Tash Sultana: GREED
  5. Limp Bizkit: DAD VIBES
  7. Coheed and Cambria: SHOULDERS
  8. Alicia Keys: UNDERDOG
  9. Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic: SMOKIN OUT THE WINDOW
  10. The Weekend: TAKE MY BREATH
  11. Slightly Stoopid, B-Real, G.Love: EVERYDAY PEOPLE
  12. The Polish Ambassador, Sean Haefeli: SUMMERTIME
  13. Radiohead: IF YOU SAY THE WORD
  14. The Killers: WEST HILLS
  15. Arkells: LIBERATION
  16. Jose Gonzalez: EL INVENTO
  17. Face to Face: ANONYMOUS
  18. Tommy Guerrero: DESCENDENT OF MEMORY
  19. Xavier Rudd: WE DESERVE TO DREAM
  20. Lord Huron: NOT DEAD YET
  21. Turnstile: WILD WRLD

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This second playlist is for our local musicians right here in the Okanagan.

There is so much talent to choose from I had one hell of a time selecting just 21. With that in mind, check out these bands and keep your eyes and ears open for them going into 2022. 

21. Andrew Judah: FEAR
20. Jimmy LeGuilloux, Who’s on Bass: KAISHA
18. Devon Coyote: ALWAYS IN THE GREY
17. Life: WALK MY WAY
16. Lucky Monkey: YOU LET ME DOWN
15. Within the Woods: CORROSION
14. Tiger Moon, Garrett Scatterty: THIS IS WHY (WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS)
13. Poppa Dawg: HIDE THE FACTS
12. Josh and Bex: CIGARETTE SKIES
11. Leila Neverland: RIVER
10. Sonder: ONE NIGHT ONLY S
9. Post Modern Connection: NOSTALGIC REMAIN
8. Kalateral, E.Val, King Create: MAKE BELIEVE
7. Yukon Blonde: I WANNA BE YOUR MAN
6. Redfish: BEAT OF MY HEART
5. Andrew Allen: PRETENDING
4. Nox, Clayton Bellamy, Donny Anderson: SOUNDTRACK
2. Daysormay: ROLE MODEL

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The Okanagan’s been my home since I was born. Life has taken me across the planet several times and through that transient lifestyle I developed a journalistic style to my photography and to my writing. My influences would be that of James Nachtwey, Annie Lebovitz, Ashley Maile, Hunter S Thompson, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Tom Robbins, Wes Anderson and Charles Bukowski. The world outside this incredible valley, its cultures and its mystery is what’s kept me working and trying to save my money, so I can keep getting back into the world. That’s the way it used to be. Covid has opened my eyes to the land I call my home and there are so many tales to tell right here in BC. From tales of the impoverished to the neglected to those who overcome adversity, to the spirit to overcome fear, the power of storytelling has never been more relevant. I’ve always been a storyteller. There’s a tale worth telling in every neighborhood. I just happen to write about what happens to me along the way and I’ve kept them close to my heart, hoping one day I’ll have an outlet so I can tell those stories the best way I know how; by writing them down. From adventures of long ago, both here or maybe far away, future interviews with musicians, artists of all kinds, the coverage of events, the people I meet along the way, whatever I get up to I intend to have you as my guest as I go back in time and dig up the bones of those old adventures or chase down new ones. Through the alchemy of storytelling, you can come along with me if you like. Before Covid-19 I was really coming into my own photographing live shows; punk rock bands, hip hop showcases, tattoo portraits, rock climbing adventures, Femme Fatale burlesque performances you name it, the phone was finally beginning to ring. Then Covid showed up like a hurricane and I guess it wiped us all out in one way or another. I have a real bone to pick with Covid-19 and if I can share some stories for our readers to enjoy, I’ll do that and when we can return to live music and to foreign travel and we can safely get to working on mending what’s been damaged I tell you I want to be ringside like Joe Rogan commentating on Covid getting its ass whooped. I want to see it tap out and watch us overcome this hardship, raise our collective hands triumphantly and move on into whatever new normal is waiting for us. I’ll be there and through my eyes, just like the boss man, Hunter himself, I’ll do it in Gonzo fashion and bring you kicking and screaming along with me. So hold on tight and dig in. It might not always be pretty but I won’t call it all ugly, neither. That’s for you to decide. My name is Shane Collins and I hope you’ll read along with me and our team here at


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