Phunk & Wangles “Light It Up” with a love story for their second single

Phunk & Wangles “Light It Up” with a love story for their second single

Phunk & Wangles return on June 25 with their new single “Light It Up,” a Phunk love story, the follow-up to their debut song “Getting Ready.”

The story of “Light It Up” has a unique Phunk & Wangles connection – twenty years in the making. Last summer Coldstream writer/video editor Joe Pinheiro started sharing some of his writings of lyrics, poems and short stories with his new writing partner, Doug Elliott bassist in The Odds. In the middle of that pile of writings were some poems Pinheiro wrote about the moment he fell in love with his wife back in the day. He had just left his role at PolyGram/Universal Music Publishing in Toronto and headed to Vancouver for one of the last Music West festivals to happen.

“I met my wife on that trip to Vancouver and for the next few days in town, I tried my best to find more time with her – but with many interruptions. One of those nights I met her at the Starfish Room where I had planned to see a local band called Damn the Diva. As it turned out the bass player was sick and who filled in? Yes, Doug ‘Wangles’ Elliott!”

Fast forward to 2022 when Elliott and Pinheiro would cross paths again, to start a recording project together. “It’s pretty cool that he was there on the day I met her and now after all these years of writing it was Wangles who finally helped me put music to words for the love song I’ve been writing and rewriting,” adds Pinheiro.

Light It Up” was the second song the newly formed recording project wrote together since starting in the summer of 2021. “When we wrote ‘Getting Ready’ so fast, it just felt like we had always been writing together,” says Elliott, “so we really haven’t stopped since.” The duo continues to write and plans to keep releasing more songs. “We’ve written dozens of songs and we’ll just keep it going as long as the flow is there and Phunk can still make me laugh,” jokes Elliott.

Phunk & Wangles is the songwriting & recording project from Joseph Pinheiro (Phunk) & Doug Elliott (Wangles). “Light It Up” is out everywhere on June 25th.

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