Kelowna creators receive $20k each to produce compelling and innovative web series

Kelowna creators receive $20k each to produce compelling and innovative web series


Mushroom Man

Project lead Hannah Borrego is an aspiring filmmaker who is creating Mushroom Man, a documentary web series taking a glimpse into the underground world of mushroom foraging and trading. This high-stakes job has many secrets that Hannah hopes to share, giving viewers insight on the dangerous terrain mushroom foragers face and the reward for finding rare mushrooms worth thousands of dollars.

Synopsis: Mushroom Man is a glimpse into the underground world of mushroom foraging and the high-stakes involved.

Dr. John Klironomos, an esteemed mycologist, is both a leader and competitor in the exclusive and coveted mushroom society of British Columbia. Dr. K will lead us on a fascinating journey as we discover the underground world of mushroom hunting and trading.

Mushroom Man will dive deep into the secrets surrounding mushrooms. High stakes, dangerous terrain, and chance of making thousands of dollars in a single mushroom payoff — this is just a taste of the thrill that keeps these foragers fixated.

My Kelowna

Aaron DeSilva, director and producer of My Kelowna, will create a documentary web series on the beautiful and thriving community of Kelowna, BC. His follows Kelowna’s unique subcultures to reveal the stories of the unique people, businesses and organizations that make the Kelowna community diverse. Everything from Health and wellness to accessibility and disability will be included in his web series.

Synopsis: From picturesque vineyards to mountainous landscapes, Kelowna, BC is surely a hotspot in Canadian tourism but it’s what you don’t see that makes up this thriving city. Strip away the wine, the fruit and the hot sunny summers and join us in discovering what really pumps this city’s veins. In this five part web series, Kelowna’s unique subcultures are unearthed to reveal the unique people, businesses and organizations that makes this community diverse.

Health and wellness, arts and culture, accessibility and disability, just to name a few. No locals or group of people are the same but the love for one city rings true for all. Join us in digging deeper into wine country and prepare to be shocked at what you might find, your next visit to Kelowna may look a lot different.

These are just two of the 40 projects selected out of 326 applications to receive $20,000 from TELUS STORYHIVE’s Web Series Edition. Since 2014, TELUS STORYHIVE has proudly provided mentorship, long-term support and resources for creators across BC and Alberta to grow their careers and empower them to amplify their stories to inspire audiences around the world.


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