Joy Road Catering Gets Creative to Continue Sunday Night Dinners & Farmer’s Market Offerings

Joy Road Catering Gets Creative to Continue Sunday
Night Dinners & Farmer’s Market Offerings
In light of the challenges COVID-19 brings, new owners of Joy Road Catering
pivot business temporarily to offer Alfresco Sunday Night Dinners and
Curated Market Bags to go.

Penticton, British Columbia, May, 2020 – In light of Covid-19, and the cancellation of the 2020 event season, Joy Road Catering has transformed their two most popular offerings; the Alfresco Sunday Dinners and the Farmers’ Market booth into two new products available to order on their website:

The Curated Market Bag and Alfresco Long Table Dinner Box, were designed to transport you back to strolling through the Farmers’ Market or dining together at a long table in a vineyard.

The Curated Market Bag is available for pre-order and subscription and can be picked up every second Friday and Saturday throughout the summer. The bags will include fresh Joy Road bread and pastries, local seasonal produce, handmade sauces and preserves, ready to cook sustainable protein, a local dairy item, and more.

The Alfresco Long Table Dinner Box is also available for pre-order and will be ‘served’ every Sunday night starting June 14th. These take home boxes will include a six-course meal paired with a local bottle of wine. Both the Market Bag and Alfresco Dinner Box will include seasonal items purchased directly from local farmers and purveyors to help to support the community and industry during these unprecedented times. These items will be available for pick up from The Container by JRC, located at 227 Winnipeg Street. This location has recently been acquired as Joy Road’s future catering kitchen and bakeshop. This summer, The Container will be the pick up point for the Alfresco Long Table Dinner Boxes and Curated Market Bags. It will also be open on Saturdays and Sundays to the public and you can expect to see all of Joy Road’s classics such as sourdough bread, galettes and more.

Learn more about these items as

About Joy Road Catering

Founded in 2006, Joy Road Catering laid its roots as a stall at the local Farmers Market. Now also known for wedding and event catering, as well as the infamous Alfresco Dining Series. From its first days at the Farmers’ Market to today, the mission has been to buy products responsibly and locally, and to source products at the height of their ripeness’ from local farmers and purveyors.


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