Google Meet: A 4-Step Plan To Set Up The Video Chat App

Meet Google Meet.

The video conferencing app that is a direct competitor to Zoom, Skype and many other popular platforms that support high quality video conferencing calls. Basically, Google’s Meet video conferencing service lets you easily set up a video chat in a personal way – and invite whoever you want with a short link.

The “Professional” Version Of Hangouts And Duo

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing more and more people turning to video conference calls – but there aren’t as many platforms as we would like to see. This is what Google figured as it moved into the video chatting space and made Google Meet free for all consumers.

If you are thinking about Google Hangouts and Duo right now, it is safe to say that these services will remain there – however, their nature is more casual and they are meant for direct video chatting. Google Meet raises the bar higher and is meant for professional use, allowing up to 100 participants on a call at once and including features such as scheduling, screen sharing and real-time captioning.

So, How To Set Up Your Google Meet Account – And Start Meeting?

Google Meet comes with a free version that requires you to create a free Google account (in case you don’t have one). This free version supports video calls that are up to 60 minutes long, but Google said that it won’t enforce this until after September 30th.

You can use the platform by logging in at and on mobile apps for iOS or Android.

Once you sign up, here is how to use the free version of Google Meet:

  1. Go to or open the app on iOS/Android
  2. Click Start New Meeting or enter your meeting code
  3. Choose the Google account that you want to use
  4. Click Join Meeting (you will have the ability to add others to your meeting)

As you can see, Google is trying to revolutionize the process of meeting people online – and Google Meet is an easy-to-use solution that integrates with your Google account and lets you talk to anyone you want in a matter of seconds.

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