Tips & tricks to the best music festival of your life

Everyone knows that when it comes to festivals there are a few ground rules:

  • Meet by the taco truck in case anyone gets lost
  • Dress in layers (because the evenings can get shockingly cold)
  • Dance like no one’s watching

But when it comes to packing, now that’s a different story. Never fear, we’ve got your Ultimate Coachella Survival Guide here for tips and tricks on how to get from point A to point B flawlessly.

Whether you’ve decided to brave the roads or opted to fly, you’re looking at hours in a jam-packed vessel with next to no leg room while you try to contain your excitement.

Here are a few pro-tips to get you through the trip:

Drift off into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to party, thanks to Casper’s Nap Pillow. With convenient sizing and supportive pillow structure, this baby will help you fall asleep just about anywhere. And I mean anywhere – be careful. Shop the tip: Casper Nap Pillow, $45.00

Keep your mind and fingers occupied throughout the journey with We Are Knitters DIY Knitting Kits. Knit yourself a blanket for lawn-chilling, or take it one step further and create your very own Coachella outfit from scratch – did someone say homemade cardigan? When temperatures drop at night, you’ll be thankful for the layers. Shop the tip: We Are Knitters Fez Blanket Kit, $169.00

During a journey as long as the one to Coachella, snacks are essential to avoid all cases of hanger between festival-mates. Fuel up with Simply Protein® Bars, cookies and chips for an easy, on-the-go snack that is both nutritious and delicious.
Shop the tip: Spicy Chili SimplyProtein® Chips, $2.99, Peanut Butter Chocolate SimplyProtein® Bar, $2.79, Chocolate Chip SimplyProtein® Cookie, $2.99

Drum roll please, it’s outfit time and it’s all about how you accessorize. Stay smart but stylish with these festival necessities that will have you feeling and looking good. All. Day. Long.

Wearing the right shoes is essential to ensuring optimal fun at any music festival. Between hours of standing and dancing, and miles of walking, wearing uncomfortable shoes can really rain on your parade. Keep your feet safe, sound and stylin’ in a kickass pair of Dr. Martens that will ensure you stay grooving until the sun comes up. Shop the tip: Voss, $125.00, Jadon Velvet, $230.00, 1460 Pascal Virginia, $185.00, Nartilla Hydro, $130.00

This seems like a no brainer, but let me be clear here – there is nothing worse than a sunburnt scalp. Most festivals offer very little shade so protect yourself from the rays, and potential heat stroke, with a sun hat from Tilley! Shop the tip: Audrey Sun Hat, $125.00, Charlotte Hemp Sun Hat, $95.00, Jackson Trilby Straw Hat, $125.00

Although a good smoky eye and a liner wing will look nice in an air-conditioned hotel room, things might change when you’re out in the middle of the desert. Opt out of a full face of makeup, and focus on your hair! L’Oréal Paris’s Colorista Hair Makeup can transform any bland braid into the colour of your dreams (without any commitment) – hello hot pink! Shop the tip: L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup, $12.95

Having a good bag is almost as crucial as having your ticket – think of it as your true survival “kit”. Without a place to hold your sunscreen, water bottle, and new homemade sweater, you will be a helpless soul in the middle of the desert. Keep your sanity (and belongings) in check with Fjällräven’s Kånken Rainbow Classic.
Shop the tip: Fjällräven’s Kånken Rainbow Classic, $100.00

And the countdown begins. Just over a week until the Coachella festivities commence – time to start packing. For more guidance on Coachella survival, visit,,,,, and

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