What’s Up? The Local Music Scene, Jan. 27th, 2022

What’s Up? The Local Music Scene. Jan 27th, 2022.

All live and available on https://GonzoOkanagan.com.

Just go to the events tab and BOOM… lots going on in and around the Thompson/Okanagan and beyond! Hope you can get out to some of these shows and let all the worlds stresses go and soak up the live music vibes from so many of our local artists and venues supporting them.

~ Cathy-Ann Peros Wells Friday. 6:30pm
~ Shalisa Liesch Saturday. 6pm
~ Jeff Piattelli performing every Sunday for Brunch. 11-2pm!
~ Jeff Piattelli Saturday Night starting at 7pm
~ Jon Bos Entertainment every Thursday to Sunday 3:30pm start
~ TONIGHT – The Jazz Jam with Craig Thomson every Thursday from 5-7pm!
~ Major Mambo Saturday 7-9pm
~ The Scotty and Shane Show Friday 7:30pm Start. Scott McFadyen & Shane Paul.
~ TONIGHT. Mandy Cole & @Will Schlackl 6:30pm
~ TONIGHT and every Thursday evening with – Rick ‘Poppa Dawg’ Halisheff
~ Bush Party starting at 8:30pm
Midnight Special Band with Roger Carr and the gang performing Jan 29th in Penticton at The Elks #51.
NEW Music Release! CONGRATS!

Moving Lines new single “Hit The Road” can be checked out and shared from their YouTube channel – https://youtu.be/zhH-XXNiURM

And their website for all information here – http://movinglines.ca
NEW Business
Congrats to a new business opening up in Penticton who converts your vinyl records into mp3 format – Dr Digitize

Check it all out at https:GonzoOkanagan.com

and hover over the “Events” tab and you can access all the events!
For next week, send me a PM and I’ll add it to the show then and each week. ?
Domino’s Pizza all 5 locations

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Publisher and CEO. First & foremost, father, son, brother and uncle. I am also a huge music fan, promoter and marketing & promotions maniac. As a fulltime musician for the past 35 years myself (yikes, that’s a long time!), I’ve come to appreciate the fact that I am able to perform and sing for people and in return, them enjoy it as much as I do. There is something to be said for that exchange of energy and good vibes that live music brings to all, from the stage to the seats, there is nothing like it and I so look forward to feeling that again when we are out of this crazy mess we are in. Music is needed desperately in everyone’s lives. The goal is to reach out and bring some awareness and light into the music scene by featuring their new music, events and in general, some light into the changes we’ve all had to adjust to in 2020. We all feel the strain in every aspect of these changes and are going to try to do our best to fill our cups up with some fantastic local music while many so of us hang on through this bumpy ride we are on. ? Making an effort to change our own thoughts and habits, can strike a chord mentally and change us along with our communities lives. Be safe and…let’s ROCK N ROLL!


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