Video: Paul Brandt gets stuck on Coquihalla on the way to Penticton concert

Paul Brandt gets stuck on Coquihalla

By Monique Tamminga

The treacherous Coquihalla highway almost stopped country music legend Paul Brandt from playing in Penticton this Saturday night at the South Okanagan Events Centre.

Brandt’s tour bus got stuck Wednesday night while travelling to the Okanagan the infamous roadway dubbed the Highway through Hell. The Coquihalla had seen as much as 25 centimetres of snow in the past few days and the bus was driving at night.

A regular sized tow truck managed to pull the tour bus back onto the road, but not without having a few slips itself. It got the job done though and now Brandt and his crew are on their way.

The whole thing was caught on video and posted to Brandt’s social media accounts.

One fan commented that the whole thing should be on the TV show Highway Thru Hell, a popular show that documents all the antics that take place during winter on the Coquihalla. Brandt responded that the film crew was there filming the whole thing.

The Hunter Brothers band was also on the tour bus at the time. They are the opening act on Saturday.

Brandt’s tour this year is called The Journey and it is turning out to be quite the journey so far!

They are scheduled to perform in Abbotsford Friday and then will brave the Coquihalla again to play Penticton on Saturday.

Then the country star is Alberta Bound, first making stops in Lethbridge, Red Deer and then at his hometown arena, the Saddledome where he is playing to a sold out crowd.

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