Gonzo Okanagan People’s Choice Music Awards 2023 Top 3 Nominees


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Kelowna, BC – GonzoOkanagan.com is excited to announce the Gonzo Okanagan People’s Choice Music Awards 2023 nominees! In March, residents of the Thompson Okanagan were given the opportunity to nominate their favourite musicians and music industry professionals. An overwhelming response was received.

“We receive close to 3000 nominations, more than expected for this first annual event,” said organizer Brad Krauza. “It is great to see the community, fans, and friends come together to support the Thompson Okanagan music industry. We would like to thank everyone that participated.”

The purpose of the Gonzo Okanagan People’s Choice Music Awards is to celebrate the musicians and industry professionals that bring joy into our daily lives, bring our communities together, and in appreciation of their hard work. Music is an essential part of society—it brings people together, it defines our culture, it induces healing, and gives us freedom of expression. It is critical that we celebrate it. From the musicians that light up our local venues to those touring across the country, every one of them is important to us for many different reasons.

Final voting will begin on April 10 and end on May 10, 2023. This official voting ballot will accept one vote per person who resides in the Thompson Okanagan area. Voters may be contacted to verify ballot information or to confirm their residency. The official voting ballot can be found here: https://gonzookanagan.com/gonzo-okanagan-peoples-choice-music-award-official-ballot/

The ultimate favourites will be awarded and recognized for their achievements at the red-carpet gala that takes place on June 16th at Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club in Kelowna, BC. The event, hosted by Master of Ceremonies Sydney Morton from CHBC Global Okanagan, will include entertainment with comedian David Kopp, a drum circle with Bobby Bovenzi, and musical performances by Dirt Road Opera, Rhindress, and Leila Neverland. Dinner and beverages will be available to purchase from the Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club menu.

Congratulations goes out to those who made the top favourites, your fans have spoken! Nineteen qualifying categories made the cut. Please view the following pages of this press release to see these front-runners.

Nominees will receive a congratulative letter and invitation to the gala, with free band member tickets. Family, friends, and fans are invited to purchase tickets for only $20 per person. Tickets go on sale April 10th. (https://gonzoevents.com/event/gonzo-okanagan-peoples-choice-music-awards-2023/)

Food & drinks are not included in the ticket price. You may reserve your table. For reservations contact Brad Krauza at awards@gonzookanagan.com or 250-899-2112.

The Gonzo Okanagan People’s Choice Music Awards 2023 Nominees:

  1. Favourite Album by Group or Artist:
  • Dirt Road Opera / Nowheresville
  • Rhindress / Cut Flowers
  • Rebel Luv / Dirt Road To Heaven
  1. Favourite Venue Supporting Live Music (sponsored by Skaha Sound):
  • Highway 97 Brewery (Penticton)
  • Runaways Lounge (Kelowna)
  • Vernon Jazz Club (Vernon)
  1. Favourite Young Musician or Group:
  • Freeze the Fall
  • Nevaeh Dyson
  • Scotty Berg
  1. Favourite Blues Group or Artist:
  • Rick ‘Papa Dawg’ Halisheff
  • Cathy-Ann Peros Wells
  • James Hay
  1. Favourite Country Group or Artist (sponsored by Sakamoto Agency):
  • Dirt Road Opera
  • Rhindress
  • Black Hat Wagon
  1. Favourite Cover Band or Artist (sponsored by LMS Entertainment):
  • Jeff Piattelli
  • Shawn Lightfoot Band
  • The Younguns
  1. Favourite Female Artist:
  • Lyndsey Wong
  • Cathy-Ann Peros Wells
  • Leila Neverland
  1. Favourite Folk / Roots Group or Artist:
  • Blu & Kelly Hopkins
  • Dirt Road Opera
  • Rhindress
  1. Favourite Hip Hop / Reggae Group or Artist:
  • HazyMADE & Strain K
  • Gold Mynd
  • DLopez
  1. Favourite Humanitarian or Influential Industry Person:
  • Brad Krauza
  • Pinky Celena Simms
  • Ben Klick
  1. Favourite Jazz Group or Artist:
  • Lyndsay Wong & Neville Bowman
  • Bianca Berkland
  • Kinga
  1. Favourite Male Artist:
  • Jonathan Williams
  • Jeff Piattelli
  • Neville Bowman
  1. Favourite Metal / Hard Music Group or Artist:
  • Pharm
  • SweetBeast
  • Freeze the Fall
  1. Favourite Music Teacher:
  • Bobby Bovemzi (Nankama Drum & Dance)
  • Rosina Turner (Dream Team Music)
  • Kim Rhindress (Kelowna’s Voice Lab)
  1. Favourite Music Video by Group or Artist:
  • Dirt Road Opera / Tell the Truth
  • Proper Man / Chance of Flurries
  • Bianca Berkland / Black Bird
  1. Favourite Recording Engineer:
  • Jimmy LeGuilloux
  • Michael Garding
  • Cory Janko
  1. Favourite Rock / Pop Group or Artist:
  • Stereo Sunday
  • Rebel Luv
  • Andrew Allen
  1. Favourite Single (Best Song) by Group or Artist:
  • Dirt Road Opera / Seven Shells
  • Gold Mynd / Blaze
  • Black Hat Wagon / Devil Wears Blue
  1. Favourite Songwriter(s):
  • Barry Mathers
  • Andrew Allen
  • Jim and Kim Rhindress

Send email requests for supporting press materials such as photos, bios, and other information to awards@gonzookangan.com. Want to sponsor a category? Please call 250-899-2112 or email at brad@gonzookanagan.com

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