Tim Reardon – Band Equipment Stolen


GoFundMe Page Link here

We are going to help our brother and great friend as well as talented musician, Tim Reardon from the Younguns band out of the Okanagan, out after most of his band equipment was stolen from right from his home in Lumby BC. Tim has been a full time musician since 1989 with this band but has been making people happy and dance for 35 years solid!

Its now time to help him out after all the years & generations of keeping us entertained!

We have a goal of $5000 to help recover some of the equipment needed. The value of what was stolen was approximately $8000 plus tax so…$10,000 is now gone! Tim did have insurance for some of the band gear but not all of it so we are just wanting to help out with what else is still missing plus the fact that there are a lot of people that are voicing that they would just like to support him for all his years of great music. <3

There has been a huge amount of people wanting to give back to Tim for all that he has given us over the decades so, here’s a way you can all help! Please feel free to make a donation if you can and share this page. I know being in this kind of  a spotlight is not the most comfortable thing for Tim and he would not ask for it but, I’ve known him and performed with him since 1989 and I do know it would be VERY much appreciated at this time.

Thank you for all that you can do. We may put together a jam session on a Sunday somewhere to further assist and just celebrate that everyone wants to help him out. 🙂


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