The Second Edition Of Android Wear (2.0) Is On The Corner – Are You Prepared?

The Second Edition Of Android Wear (2.0) Is On The Corner – Are You Prepared?

Are you a tech-savvy person? Or so much tech-savvy that you can’t get outside your home without the digital Android watch on your wrist and your Android phone in your pocket?The second version of Google’s Android Wear is on the corner. Generally, the one thing that holds it back is a software bug which the developers at Google are working day and night to fix. According to rumors, Google has purchased new third-party models that received the update a few days ago.As you probably know, Android Wear took the world by storm and made a lot of things easier. It primarily does three things: accept voice commands, relay (some) of the Google Now cards and mirror most of your phone notifications on your wrist. Of course, you can put apps that are integrated on your watch – and they can range from running apps (RunKeeper) , calorie counting ones, sleep tracking as well as language learning ones (Duolingo).The truth is, the Android Wear marketplace is growing, and we know that Android Wear 2.0 will be a big thing from every possible aspect. The watch that Google is preparing is going to revolutionize the one you (probably) have on your wrist now.However, the major feature behind Android Wear 2.0 will definitely be the voice actions. Basically, you can interact with your watch and get real-time updates via Google. For example, you can ask a question like ‘How tall is the Eiffel Tower?’ and you’ll get an answer right on time during your morning debates with colleagues.Like it or not, Android Wear 2.0 can be your new portal to enhanced connectivity. And it doesn’t all have to be social and mails – you can also get to know what the weather will be tomorrow, get updates on the stock market, see your calendar or track how many calories you have eaten (and do you have space for that burger tonight).

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