AltiTunes Music Festival Breaks All-Time Attendance Records at Big White Ski Resort

AltiTunes Music Festival Breaks All-Time Attendance Records at Big White Ski Resort

On April 5th and 6th, the Big White Ski Resort transformed the après ski scene in Canada, elevating it to unprecedented heights with its annual AltiTunes Music Festival.

This year’s celebration attracted a record-breaking 11,134 attendees. Dressed in vibrant retro ski attire, festival-goers were immersed in a two-day sea of music, laughter, and dance, crafting memories amidst the snowy backdrop.

Through its partnership with Thick as Thieves Entertainment, the festival has emerged as a cornerstone of Canada’s après ski culture, presenting the ultimate weekend retreat for mountain enthusiasts looking to savour the final moments of the ski season.

Attendees enjoyed starting their day on the slopes with superb spring conditions, followed by a stroll through Big White’s charming village for a bite and a chance to unwind with a soothing hot tub session within the cozy confines of private accommodations. Yet, the pinnacle of relaxation and fun was achieved as friends gathered under a gentle snowfall, singing along to their favourite tunes at the open-air concert, truly a slice of paradise.

Trevor Hanna, Vice President of Hospitality at Big White Ski Resort, reflected on the festival’s evolution, “Over three years, Thick as Thieves Entertainment has meticulously honed the festival experience, setting the benchmark for outdoor winter concerts globally.” He further emphasized AltiTunes’ significance to Big White, noting its role in crafting a vibrant, memorable event that draws visitors from afar, marrying the thrills of skiing and snowboarding with the euphoria of a music festival.

Mitch Carefoot, co-owner of Thick as Thieves Entertainment, expressed gratitude towards the resort, highlighting the shared vision of uniting guests from beyond the Okanagan to revel in the finest music, adventure, and the great outdoors.

The festival’s growing popularity was evident, with tickets selling out consecutively each year. This year’s edition raised the bar with exciting new partnerships and a stellar lineup of over 15 artists, including headline acts that captured the audience’s imagination. Elderbrook, the UK’s electronic dance prodigy, set the festival alight with his dynamic performance on Friday. His set included the chart-topping “Cola,” recalling his unforgettable appearance at Coachella’s Sahara stage the previous year.

The festival’s climax was reached on Saturday night, with Milky Chance taking the spotlight, delivering a mesmerizing, sold-out performance that captivated the audience. The German sensation enthralled the audience with “Stolen Dance” and other chart-topping hits, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Jillian Ford, a 29-year-old visitor from Winnipeg, shared her unique perspective, “I always associated festivals with being in the summer, for ‘festival season’ during those hot months. But a winter festival, with snowflakes falling through light beams and everyone rocking colourful snowsuits – that’s next level!”

Michael J Ballingall, Senior Vice President of Big White Ski Resort, expressed immense pride in the event’s success, acknowledging the meticulous planning and effort required to execute such a large-scale festival. He extended his gratitude to everyone involved, including the dedicated teams and St. John’s ambulance, for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


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