The Oot N’ Oots release new album “Ponderosa Bunchgrass & The Golden Rule”

The Oot N‘ Oots released their sublime new album “Ponderosa Bunchgrass & The Golden Rule.”

The Oot n’ Oots make kids music that is, to quote Jerry Garcia, not for kids only. Drawing on diverse influences from the history of rock n’ roll, this is a band with chops, soul, and swagger. Their original songs are wildly imaginative, brimming with humour and inspiration.

“No artist likes being pigeonholed in a genre, but generally we’re okay with being known as a Children’s Music band. Children’s Music is cool,” says the Oot N Oots band.

“The thing is, kids are deep. We know they respond to art that speaks to their inner experiences. Art that feeds their souls. Kids think about the big questions. What is life all about? Why are we here? And so on. They wonder about society and their place in it, and about the meaning of life. So is this a kid’s album? Yes and no.

“Pee Jays all Day is a song for everyone. We know the kids in our lives have been drawn in by it and respond deeply to it. A lot of kid’s songs answer questions and teach something.

“This one doesn’t. But we hope it helps kids know that they’re not alone in feeling awe at the mystery of life, the universe, and the Self, and we hope it reflects back to them the beauty and gift of life.

“Hope you dig it, too, whether you are a kid or a grow-mutt (as our daughter/niece Eleorah used to call us grown ups.)”


Hailing from the Okanagan Valley, the band includes 14-year-old Ruth Cipes (described as “a force of nature” by Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child host Bill Childs) with her dad Ez and uncles Ari, Gabe, and Matthew. In performance the group casts a spell of freedom, lightheartedness, and laughter.

This is truly entertainment for the whole family, enlivening community, joy, and understanding through free-spirited musical performance.


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