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The Long Gallery – Exhibition Opening – Penticton BC



Penticton, BC (February 18, 2020) –  After  the quiet of winter Jenny Long, of the Long Gallery + Studios, is pleased to announce the launch of  an exciting 2020 line up of exhibitions, classes and other activities that are getting underway in early spring, starting with Neil Terry’s new exhibition, Outside the Lines which opens on March 5. Neil will be in attendance at his opening from 5-9 pm.

Jenny comments, “The Long Gallery delivers visitors a high touch, up close art experience in a contemporary gallery setting. We currently have nine (9) working artists at The Long and our focus is on interacting and engaging with gallery visitors. The resident artists, like myself, are all striving to go deeper into and expand further in our creative process and making art.”

Outside the Lines sprang out of Neil’s recent experiments with colour theory, abstraction and impressionism. The paintings tell a story, but they may be a different story for different people. This work conveys an essence but leaves room for the viewer to fill in the blanks. Neil comments, “I believe that it is okay to colour outside the lines, paint what I feel and not what I see, to break rules, to tell a story that not everyone will hear the same way.”

Neil continues, “So many possibilities in art appeal to me. Creating art can be a way of thinking, of telling stories. It can and should be a conversation between artist and audience. A piece of art has its own style, but should the artist?  I’m opposed to the idea that an artist must have a specific voice. I prefer to experiment and constantly learn. My work may be realistic, impressionist, abstract or…?”

Jenny’s invitation: “Come in, meet our resident artists and watch for our upcoming exhibitions with resident, local and visiting artists. And, we invite Saturday market goers to come and visit us when the markets begin in May. And watch for our upcoming classes throughout the season.

Jenny is best known as an abstract expressionist painter and art teacher.

Winter Gallery Open Hours until May 1: Wednesday – Saturday, check website for hours, or visit  By Appointment.  The Long Gallery is at 374 Main St., Penticton.

www.longgallery-studios.com / FB: The Long Gallery + Studios

Email: hello@jennylongpainting.com / Phone: 250-462-0379

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