Roll Up the Rim To Win® 2020: Paper, Digital and Sustainable

Roll Up the Rim To Win® 2020: Paper, Digital and Sustainable

For the first time ever, Tim Hortons will be rewarding digital and sustainable ways to play through the Tim Hortons app*

Iconic Roll Up the Rim To Win® contest enters its 35th year on March 11

Roll Up the Rim Cups
Physical Roll Up the Rim cups will be available in participating restaurants across Canada – for the first two weeks of the contest**. Throughout the four week contest, guests can play digitally on the Tim Hortons app or online at

Playing Digitally
Tim Hortons is rewarding digital and sustainable ways to play.

Tims Rewards
When ordering a hot beverage, registered Tims Rewards members who scan their card or app will receive a digital roll in the Tim Hortons app or online. For the first two weeks* of the contest, guests will get two rolls when ordering a hot beverage when they scan their Tims Rewards card – one on the cup and one on the app. For the last two weeks of the contest, Roll Up the Rim can only be played on the app or online.

If guests scan a non-registered Tims Rewards card, the rolls will accumulate on their card, and can be accessed when the card is registered. Unregistered Tims Rewards members have until April 21 to register their card to be able to reveal digital rolls.

Reusable Cups
Guests who purchase a hot beverage in a reusable cup or mug will receive three digital rolls for all four weeks of the contest.

Free Reusable Cup Giveaway on March 10
To kick off the month-long contest, starting on March 10 Tim Hortons will give out 1.8 million reusable hot beverage cups** for free. This is being done as part of Tim Hortons 10-year commitment to change consumer perceptions and habits towards using reusable cups.

Millions of Exciting Prizes to be Won

  • Over 17 million coffee and food prizes, including NEW Dream Donuts
  • 45,000 $25 TimCards
  • 200 Samsung 55″ NU6900 Smart 4K UHD TVs
  • 150 $1,000 CIBC Prepaid Cards
  • 100 40,000 AIR MILES® Reward Miles – enough for a trip for two
  • 10 2020 Hyundai IONIQ Electric or Hybrid Vehicles
  • NEW four draws of $100,000 – see details below

Please Play Again is Replaced with 4 x $100,000 Draws
Tim Hortons has retired the idea of Please Play Again. Guests who don’t win a prize when revealing a digital roll will be entered into one of four $100,000 draws. To be eligible, guests must scan their registered Tims Rewards card when purchasing a hot beverage and reveal a non-winning digital roll. Paper cups that do not reveal a prize will encourage guests to use the Tim Hortons app next time for their chance to win $100,000.

How to Download and Use the App

  • Download the Tim Hortons app
  • Register your Tims Rewards card number on the app
  • Buy a hot beverage and scan the app or card at the time of purchase
  • Rolls on the app will appear in a guest’s Tim Hortons mobile app or online account

“We listened to the feedback from our gusts, who wanted us to modernize the program. We’re excited to share the news that we are updating Roll Up the Rim To Win in 2020 to reflect the future of the Tim Hortons brand, while still embracing the best of our heritage. The contest will allow for a combination of paper, digital and sustainable play – and of course still fun with millions of exciting prizes available to be won. We will reward guests who make the sustainable choice by using a reusable cup and scanning their Tims Rewards card with three digital rolls. We have also given everyone extra chances to win by replacing please play again with weekly $100,000 draws for guests who don’t reveal a winning digital roll.” Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Hortons


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