The bold, reliable, affordable climate solution we’ve been waiting for

The bold, reliable, affordable climate solution we’ve been waiting for

New energy modelling details how we can have 100 per cent clean, renewable, reliable electricity where and when we need it by 2035. And the good news doesn’t end there!

It’s reliable: Wind, solar, energy efficiency, energy storage, existing hydroelectricity and grid connections between provinces work together so we can meet our demands for electricity where and when we need it, even with increased demand as we switch to electric cars.

It’s affordable: Wind and solar are the cheapest sources of electricity in history, and Canada has a lot of potential for both. Adding only clean, renewable energy to the grid, the average energy cost is lower than the business-as-usual alternatives.

It creates new jobs in clean energy: Construction, operation and maintenance employment alone will grow to more than 75,000 jobs a year, resulting in more than 1.5 million job-years between 2025 and 2050.

It avoids expensive and toxic energy: The path to clean electricity does not need new nuclear reactors or any fossil fuels — with or without immature technologies like carbon capture and storage.

It is good for community well-being: Indigenous nations and communities will be safer, healthier and have opportunities to benefit from renewable energy projects they can own and operate. Everyone should have a say in how this takes place in their communities and traditional territories.

It meets climate goals: By switching out fossil fuels for cleaner, renewable electricity, Canada can reduce emissions by more than 27 per cent, which is needed to meet its 2050 net-zero goal.

Find out more about 100 per cent clean electricity and the report on our clean power pathway.

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What if we told you a 100 per cent clean power future was possible?

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