Technology: Apple Users From L.A. Can Now Get COVID-19 Vaccination Proof In Android/iOS Apps

Apple Users From L.A. Can Now Get COVID-19 Vaccination Proof In Android/iOS Apps

It seems like the city of Los Angeles has started thinking of ways the COVID-19 vaccination can be integrated in our mobile devices. News coming from the county show that residents can now use their Apple Wallet app to add the COVID-19 vaccination proof, as well as Google Pay for Passes.

Bloomberg was one of the first media outlets to report this, saying that the integration came from a startup named Healthvana. This startup specializes in delivering test results for patients for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

The Apple Wallet and Google Pay apps can be used by people who want to verify that they have been vaccinated, and using the app will help them with institutions like “airlines, schools, and whoever needs it,” as the CEO of Healthvana Ramin Bastani noted.

Obviously, there is still a big challenge for people unfamiliar with technology – which is why there will still be a paper card which will be used to track the vaccines they received.

However, it’s good to recognize that this is the first step towards the new reality, especially since vaccination is going to be required by various institutions. Healthvana says that the company stores everything as securely as possible on their Amazon Web Servers which are HIPAA-compliant.

Meanwhile, there have been many apps that apparently want to be first movers in the trend of vaccination proof. Some of them, such as the Vybe Together app, have been removed from the Apple App Store.

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