TECH – Brace yourselves, Skype is getting a Snapchat style makeover

Brace Yourselves, Skype Is Getting a Snapchat Style Makeover

‘Not again. Dear lord, not again’

This is what most of you are thinking after the title, but sadly for many, this is true. After Facebook and Instagram with their move and the ‘Stories’ feature, Skype is the next copycat known to get a Snapchat-style makeover.This means that the app we have been using for communication is now getting a facelift with video stories and stickers, integrated into it as part of a revamp on the app. The app is being gradually rolled out to users everywhere around the world – so expect to see the update on your mobile or desktop soon.

A Lot Of Group Chat Improvements & New Features

What does this actually mean for the app itself – besides the fact that it is embracing the narcissistic interface of the social networks?Well, the good news are that Skype has improved the group chat experience. There are many features and chat add-ons like Giphy etc. However, the biggest highlight is the ‘Highlights’ feature which is a lot like Snapchat.Another good news is the fact that Skype won’t lose its core, which are the video chats and the nice connectivity between friends, business partners, colleagues and team members. However, the first screen that you will see after signing in will look different.

Customize Your Skype Interface, Color – And Add Your Daily ‘Highlights’

You can choose a theme for your Skype interface, a color that suits you best and enjoy the new home screen. While all of these features are good, we are all used to the blue home screen that Skype uses – and identify the app according to it.The key takeaway we can take from this new update is that the world is shifting to the stories mode, where people post their current mood, activities or inspirational quotes. Who knew that users could become a center of attention, right?Let’s just hope the new Microsoft Excel doesn’t get the ‘Highlights’ feature too. Until then, we will hopefully embrace Skype and its new interface.

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