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Music is a close family. All the cardinal principles of civilized society are reflected in this culture – in my experience – and have been since I started working in the industry 25 years ago. It was kismet, serendipity, synchronicity that brought me to the doorstep of Longevity John’s Duncan Showroom.

Photo Credit: Kurt Knock Photography
My day was thrown off-kilter and in my endeavor to waste time, I happened to happen by. Actually, I saw this interesting looking dude, who obviously had a story to tell. Turns out he was none other than Longevity John, a music legend in his own right: promoter, organizer, and heroic supporter of music and musicians in Duncan, BC, and Canada proper. He established the Showroom to help local and fledging musicians, artists and bands a leg-up in the industry, a place to showcase their work, at a time when paying venues were dying out. In fact there were very few places left to play, and what venues were still around were offering a pittance. This is how we repay our artists for their, in many cases, lifetime of commitment and dedication to their art.What I discovered in the Showroom was that all of the motivation, the spirit, creativity, professionalism, technical prowess, and intention, that I’ve always aspired to. These were principles manifest in spades. Showroom Productions are a not for profit organization and venue whose soul purpose is to do what it can to help, aid and abet musicians.Longevity John is an icon to the music community; has been throughout his career. He has supported the indie music scene in BC from the beginning of the modern music era; and the greater universe of independent musicians in general. The brass-tax of the matter – the iconic Duncan Showroom is a must-play venue. The awesome live-off-the-floor mix-alchemy of Sound-man Ted Cadillac, combined with a mind-blowing interior design, ambiance and acoustics, combines to create a vibrant intimate and interactive music experience… again, with superlative sound. “We wanted to create an excellent live-off-the-floor mix – we record every show, as well as stream a live pod-cast over the World Wide Web”, Ted explains. “When I’m dialing a performance in, genre and style have to be taken into account.
Photo Credit: Kurt Knock Photography
The recent Showroom Shaker on Friday, June 2nd, Provided the perfect showcase both for participating bands and for Ted’s skill set. “When the first band comes on-stage, I listen for that perfect moment when performing musicians “lock-in” to their groove. I dial the performance in that moment.”  A recent adjustment to the stage has a reaching effect – works to draw the audience in; the lines between performer and audience are blurred to the effect of greater intimacy, with the overall result that has every nuance of being the best in the industry. All of this is not to gloss over the incredible museum-esque collection of music memorabilia and all manner of oddities and intrigues that Long John has amassed over the years – including a vintage Led Zeppelin poster from exceedingly early in their career – a live show in Aldergrove, BC, of all places… I digress.

Check them out!

Website https://www.showroomproductions.ca/Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/duncanshowroom


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