Tech Jobs: 5 Highest-Paid Roles In The Industry

Tech Jobs: 5 Highest-Paid Roles In The Industry

Pursuing a career in tech is known for its benefits. In an era where technology is evolving, a lot of workers are looking to land a job in tech and earn sizable salaries while enjoying the perks of the jobs such as nap rooms, play rooms, free snacks and a lot of team building activities.

Below, we are listing the highest paid tech jobs in 2019, starting from the fifth position down to the most desirable job in tech. The salary information is obtained from

5. Applications Architect ($149k/year)

This role involves design and/or improvements in design upon any device, processors or games. Focused on consumers, these architects run software testing, create product prototypes and manuals related to application development.

4. Infrastructure Architect ($153k/year)

This form of architect builds the data communication networks as well as the other information systems that support the organization. As one of the highest rated tech jobs out there, it is a role that requires extensive knowledge of an organization and its business plan – so that they can create the best network to assist the company.

3. Software Development Manager ($153.3k/year)

Very similar in (average) salary like the infrastructure architect, the role of a software development manager is based on creating the applications that allow people to perform specific tasks on a computer or other smart devices – as well as the underlying systems that run the devices or control the network(s).

2. Data Warehouse Architect ($154.8k/year)

Commonly known as a ‘data architect’, this role refers to the large store of information that a business accumulates from inside and outside sources – with the main goal of making better management decisions. A data warehouse architect designs how the information is stored and selects the technologies and tools that best help an organization extract, transform and actually use the data.

1. Software engineer ($163.5k/year)

The highest paid role is the one of a software engineer – or officially a ‘software engineering manager’ – which is basically a person that oversees other software engineers or developers. From creating new computer software to improving the existing computer programs and determining how feasible operations are within a software, these people find solutions to software issues and create programs from scratch.

We hope this list helped you see the hottest tech jobs!


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