TECH – Finally, A Way To Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone


Finally, A Way To Track Your Car Using Your Smartphone

‘Dude, where is my car?’If this is you after you are exiting the shopping mall or the nearby supermarket in your area with a great parking space, you should know that it happens to the best of us. Parking is after all a thing we do mechanically, considering the fact that we are thinking about shopping and the things to buy all of the time.Getting back to your car and not being able to find it is where the actual problems begin. Then, the roaming adventure starts and if you are in a hurry, may lead to you being stressed and hitting the button on your car keys in panic.Well, all of these problems are now brought to an end – thanks to a tiny device that looks like a shirt button. Without the need for tech GPS systems or pricey units that keep track of your car via laptop or computer, TrackR is a system that uses your smartphone to track your car in the blink of an eye., TrackR is a state-of-art tracking device that looks like a coin. You can zip it in your car’s trunk, glove compartment or even the sleeve below your seat. It doesn’t matter where this tiny device is (unless you lose it). And even if you lose it, it’s still in your car and makes tracking via your smartphone possible.TrackR syncs in with your smartphone through an app, and lets you keep track of the important things – like your car. However, you can use this coin-like locator wherever you want, and place it anywhere.The process of setting up TrackR takes less than 5 minutes and helps you locate your missing items in seconds. Whether it’s the small things like your purse, bag, keys or laptop – or your car, truck or bus – TrackR will help you find everything in seconds. And the best part?This amazing device costs only $29 – which is certainly a small price to pay for unlimited peace of mind.


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