TECH: 5 Major Tech Trends That We’ll See In 2018

5 Major Tech Trends That We’ll See In 2018

Whether you are a die-hard tech fan or just someone trying to look like he knows technology, it’s safe to say that we are living in a world that is hugely affected by it. The “average“ customer is not someone who is interested about tech nowadays – it is a person who is actively using at least 3 types of technology on a daily basis.

Technology is changing as we speak, which is definitely a good thing. Below, we are listing everything that 2018 is holding in its sleeves regarding tech trends.

1.The Rise Of AI

Artificial intelligence has been manifesting through machine learning algorithms in 2017. In 2018, though, it will likely get bigger and more funding. As we speak, AI is being incorporated into a more diverse range of apps. However, instead of focusing on one goal like mastering a game or communicating with you (like so far), AI is starting to make an appearance in almost every new app, platform or device.

2.Digital Centralization

The best way to describe digital centralization is as the synergy of everything that is smart in your home. From your smart TV to your smartphone, tablet, watch and even fridge – everything’s already being made centralized and controlled from one device. In most of the cases, this is your phone, and you are the master.

3.5G Preparation

If you thought that 4G is the peak of technology, prepare to be amazed. According to carriers, 5G is already in place and could be revealed by the end of 2019. This new network will have the potential to be 10 times faster than 4G and perfectly optimized for home internet services.

4.Data Overload

So far, every company in the world has realized that data is important. Consumer data helps companies to grow and prosper – just like it helps you and makes your life easier. In 2018, we are going to see even greater data collection. As you talk to smart speakers throughout the day and rely on your phone on a daily basis, there will be an insane amount of personal data that companies will take from you.

5.Seamless conversations

If you go back to 2015, you will see that voice search was decent but not reliable at the time. In 2018, voice search is not perfect but is certainly impressive. The main takeaway from this is that voice recognition is growing in parallel with robotic speech and chatbots. Thanks to this, we are likely going to see big improvement and a manifestation or solidification of seamless conversation.

Even though most of them are already here, it is hard to say when and how fast will these trends manifest in technology – or which devices and upgrades are going to be first on the list. However, it’s pretty obvious that in 2018 (just like every year), the technology world is going to change.

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