TECH: 5 Amazing Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon

5 Amazing Features Coming to WhatsApp Soon

Do you use WhatsApp?

If no, you are missing out a lot. And if yes, you probably know that the world’s most downloaded messaging app is continuously getting better and better. The smooth experience, great features and perfect user friendliness have all made it succeed and dominate the messaging industry.

According to latest news, WhatsApp is getting a couple of great new features soon. And no – it doesn’t mean a revamp – but a couple of additions that will only improve our experience within the app.

All of these features are already being tested in the iOS Beta version. We are listing them below.

1. YouTube videos will play within the app

This feature makes it easy to play YouTube videos right within the app. There will be a ‘Play’ button on every YouTube video link that you receive. Or, you will finally be able to see those funny cat videos your friends are sending to you – without leaving the app.

2. You will be able to send money through the UPI-based model

UPI is also known as Unified Payment Interface – a model that is potentially one of the most promising ways to pay for stuff via WhatsApp. The feature will basically make transferring money easier than ever before via this app. However, there are still a couple of things under the loop of the law.

3. Message recalling feature

Do you want to pull back messages that you have already sent?

This (godsend) feature will finally be with you on WhatsApp. For all the times you are furious, cursing, or sending things you shouldn’t to the people you shouldn’t. Nice, right?

4. Live location sharing

Users can share live location for 1, 2, 5 or indefinite amount of minutes with this expected feature. This will make it easier for friends to find you, or for them to track you when you are feeling scared. Another great novelty in the line of WhatsApp features.

5. Number change notification to all your contacts

WhatsApp could get you covered – even if you change your number.

Basically, this feature notifies all your friends that you have changed your number, making the entire process of switching to your other profile easier than before.

In the end, it is safe to say that all of these features are legendary – and we cannot wait to see their light of the day!


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