FortisBC offers billing relief for evacuated customers SURREY, B.C.

Information Bulletin
August 28, 2017

FortisBC offers billing relief for evacuated customers
SURREY, B.C. — To help support our customers who have been impacted by wildfires, FortisBC is providing billing relief for approximately 12,000 natural gas and 2,400 electricity customers who experienced evacuation orders this summer.

On August 25, FortisBC received approval from the BC Utilities Commission to provide a credit for charges incurred during the period customers were under evacuation orders. For impacted natural gas customers, this includes the basic, commodity, storage and transport and delivery charges. For impacted electricity customers, this includes the prorated monthly customer charges and applicable per kilowatt hour charges. In both cases, this includes all consumption charges incurred during the evacuation period.

FortisBC has also paused collection-related activities for customers in these regions, including calls to customers to remind them of outstanding amounts and are waiving late payment charges on impacted accounts.

To make sure the billing relief process is simple, eligible customers will automatically receive a credit for the evacuation period on an upcoming bill. Our billing and customer service systems teams are working to cross reference billing data with evacuation information received from municipalities, the Province and its Operations team. We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding as we work through this process.
As people return home, we want our customers to know they can contact us if they have concerns about their bills or their services. We are always willing to work with our customers on the specific circumstances that are affecting their account and are willing to work with them, if needed, on flexible payment arrangements on any previous or ongoing charges.

Customers with questions or concerns about their bill or their service are encouraged to contact us at:
1-888-224-2710 (natural gas) or 1-866-436-7847 (electricity).

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