Starbelly Jam 20th Anniversary Music Festival!

Starbelly Jam 20th Anniversary Music Festival!

Starbelly Jam and her Artistic Directors Amanda Hulland and Ben Johnson are overjoyed to present the twentieth always-eclectic lineup which is both a retrospective featuring some old friends and a deep dive into the current of BC & Canada’s music scene.

Starbelly Jam takes place on July 19 and 20, 2019 in Crawford Bay, BC.

The Wild Turkeys were there at the beginning: 1999 was the first Starbelly Jam ever and these purveyors of Kootenay Lake psychedelic country jam music are returning with their original lineup.

BC/DC are celebrating twenty years rockin’ together with Starbelly Jam on July 19th. For those twenty years of Rock, we salute you!

Snotty Nose Res Kids –

Snotty Nose Rez Kids are truly rising stars, nominated in 2019 for both a Juno and Polaris prize. Hailing from the Haisla Nation, ‘People of the Snow’ – Yung Trybez & Young D along with DJ Kookum blend trap beats with woven lyricism that challenges Indigenous stereotypes. Their new album Trapline is set to top the charts for Indigenous Hip-Hop.

Buckman Coe has just released Gathering Storm, his seventh and biggest album to date, produced by Adham Shaikh. It’s an anthem for communities coming together to create a more just and people-powered world and he brings serious game from the West coast with a big band and vocalist Tonye Aganaba.

Caleb Hart –

Caleb Hart brings Island vibes from Trinidad & Tobago where he grew up. A passionate performer, Hart has a desire to reach as many people as possible with a message of hope, unity, and love. He’s been doing just that across Canada, The Carribean & the World.

Adham Shaikh is a Emmy and Juno nominated world fusion composer and electronic artist with 25 years experience rocking dance floors around the globe. Adham’s Monkey Dragon project brings together a live collaboration experience with much of our West Coast talent including Buckman Coe and likely a few surprises. Get ready for the magic carpet ride.

Yaima are coming from Seattle, USA and set to bring us in for a landing on Saturday night with their Elemental fusion of beautiful acoustic/electronica with the visionary artwork of Simon Haiduk, whose world-renowned imagery is represented on this year’s Starbelly Jam poster.

Hamsa Hamsa will travel all the way from Barcelona, Spain with a fusion of Sephardic music (the Jewish music of Andalusia), Flamenco and Jazz.

Gitana Mundo –

Gitana Mundo will bring their renditions of Gypsy Jazz, Latin & Old-time Swing from Edmonton, AB. Featuring 13-year-old Caleb Hunt, award-winning violinist.

National champions of banjo and fiddle, Tony Furtado and Luke Price are bringing serious chops from Portland, OR.

Oliver Swain brings his clawhammer banjo style and a whimsical, spiritual and socially conscious chamber folk odyssey. “The Zen Rock Garden of Old Time music” Oliver will also perform with Kootenay Harp Poetess DIEMM.

The OM Sound from Montreal bring a conscious message conveyed by hip-hop verses, thick Jazz harmonization and neo-soul grooves.

The Kwerks are ray-of-sunshine-in-a-dark-world musicians. Imagine if the Barenaked Ladies were a married couple and lived by the motto: Live life. Say yes. Be a little crazy!

The Kwerks –

Holly Hyatt just won the Kootenay Music Award for Best R’n’B/Blues album for her fantastic release Wild Heart. Her band will make you swing and smile.

Zaynab Mohammed ups her poetry game with the addition of Belgian pianist Mathi.

The local talent pool is off the deep end at Starbelly with High Mountain Groove (Howlin’ Dan, Morgan Rael and Todd Lester), Nelson favourites the Devils You Don’t, The Buffalo Stompers Aboriginal Dance & Drum group returning once again along with Starbelly veterans In the Sticks Afro-Sassy Drum/Dance and Moving Mosaic Samba Band.

Just for the kids, favourites Dixie Star Storytelling and Mike Dada “The Balloon Dog” are returning along with acts the little ones won’t have seen before: Pico’s Puppet Palace and Flydini the Magician.

Get your tickets now at and at various East shore outlets. We can’t wait to see you at the 20th Starbelly Jam!

Featured photo: The Wild Turkeys – Veterans of the very first Starbelly Jam (1999), the purveyors of Kootenay Lake psychedelic country jam music are returning with their original lineup.

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