September Advertising Promotion!

We have 3 more fantastic options as we head into Fall. Check them out HERE!

Google stats stating 300,000 – 400,000 visitors per month and climbing!

All banner ads have a 24/7 link for you to track how well they are doing with impressions and clicks anytime you like. 🙂

Check out Murphy’s Landing Resort out of the beautiful Nakusp BC. This is 3 month Top Billboard Banner Ad stats here as an example. These are a shared banner ad stat which are on rotation with a maximum 7 banner ads per spot.


  1. Purchase any available banner ad on for 6 months and get the 7th month at no charge!
  2. Purchase any available banner ad on for 12 months and receive 2 more months at no charge for a total of 14 months!
  3. Advertorials! Google loves content!

Banner ad sizes that are available now are,

Top Billboard – 728X90
Article Banner (Top) – 728X90
Article Banner (Bottom) – 728X90
In Article Banner – 320X100
Right Side Page Banner – 300X250

Check out our latest September Promotion Sheet and contact us at or call 250-899-2112.

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