Retro Bluetooth Cassette Tape Player: Our Favorite Gadget This Month

Retro Bluetooth Cassette Tape Player: Our Favorite Gadget This Month

By Gonzo Tech.

Remember the times when we listened to cassette tape players?

Oh yeah, the Walkman nostalgia…If it got you right in the feels, there is good news. It seems like cassette tapes are having a comeback (in fact sales were somehow up 19% year over year in 2018) and brands are starting to manufacture them again.

However, these are far from ordinary cassette tape players.

Our favorite is the Ninm It’s OK cassette player – a portable device which looks like an original Sony Walkman – as if the brand continued manufacturing it. The Ninm gadget does the usual tape things which include playing cassette tapes or letting you record to tapes.

And that is great, right? You can finally use your old cassette tapes and play them on this teeny-tiny gadget. However, there is more.

The Ninm cassette player also packs a Bluetooth 5.0 technology (and bills itself as the first Bluetooth 5.0 portable player) – allowing users to listen to their favorite songs and jam with wireless headphones or even link the player to an actual Bluetooth speaker.

So, the best way to describe this Bluetooth cassette player is as a mix of old technology (cassettes) and new technology (Bluetooth 5.0). The retro-modern upgrade seems to be popular on the market too – coming in time when Bluetooth and audio technology are merging.

The Ninm cassette player is featured on Kickstarter, which means that there may be some risks with backing it. However, the good news is that Ninm has successfully run one retro tech campaign before so it is safe to say that the brand is legit.

Ready to order your retro-modern cassette player and start jamming?

You can do that by visiting Ninm’s official Kickstarter page.


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