Put an end to limitless climate pollution from oil and gas

Put an end to limitless climate pollution from oil and gas

The oil and gas sector is the biggest and fastest-growing climate polluter, with more than enough money to do its part. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of greenhouse gases the oil and gas sector can emit, but Canada can’t reach its climate commitments without capping these emissions.

The federal government is finally working on developing a cap on oil and gas emissions, and it should come as no surprise that industry is lobbying hard against it. For many years industry has lied about the harm it causes, raking in billions in profits and fighting to stop the transition to a clean, renewable, climate-friendly energy future. But you know what? We can push back!

Until September 30, government is open to hearing from you about putting a cap on oil and gas emissions.

Tell government to cap oil and gas emissions

We know that a better future is possible. This is our chance to tell government directly that we need a strong cap on emissions from the oil and gas sector now. You can sign a pre-written message or personalize it for more impact.

While other industries have reduced their emissions, the oil and gas sector’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen a whopping 87 per cent since 1990.

We can’t have ambitious climate action without putting a cap on oil and gas emissions. Please take a few minutes to write in to this consultation. We can’t let big oil stop this crucial progress in climate action.

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