TECH: Garmin Wearables Get A New Pregnancy Tracking Feature

Garmin Wearables Get A New Pregnancy Tracking Feature

The Garmin Connect app recently got revamped, and what’s new is a feature that will be very helpful for pregnant women.

What we can see is a pregnancy tracking feature for its wearable lineup, allowing women to track their pregnancy on a weekly basis and the baby’s growth patterns. There is educational content on nutrition and exercise, and a lot more.

Available within the Garmin Connect IQ app, this feature can be enabled in the menstrual cycle section. Once it is set up, pregnant women can change their training goals, get Kegel practice and reminders to stay hydrated.

As Garmin announced in its latest blog post, the pregnancy tracking feature is available on the Vivomove wearable range, but it could also come to other Garmin wearables (at least the ones that offer menstrual cycle tracking).

To enable it, you will need to open the Garmin Connect app, and head to User Settings > Women’s Health > Cycle Type > Pregnancy. Users will have to add details on their last period, as well as other data to assess the current status of their pregnancy, and download the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ app to start using the feature on their wearables.

On a weekly level, a smart pregnancy tracking assistant like this can help women keep everything under control. What’s also interesting is the ability to manually enter and track the baby’s movement and blood glucose levels, as well as make most of all Kegel practice and setting of hydration goals. As the cherry on the cake, there are also weight gain recommendations, sleep tracking and a ‘Body Battery’ feature which monitors the weekly body changes.

All interested mothers to-be can also benefit from the educational content within the app, and the great visual representations that accurately measure changes. For more information, visit Garmin’s official page.

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