Popular fitness app Supernatural adds VR boxing workouts

Popular Fitness App Supernatural Adds VR Boxing Workouts

By Stefan Tasevski

The popular virtual reality (VR) app Supernatural recently introduced virtual reality boxing workouts through Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset.

If you are into boxing, you definitely need to check out this trend – even though Supernatural is not the first VR fitness app to feature boxing, it just set the bar higher with this new feature.

The $19-per-month subscription model that Supernatural uses fitness aficionados discover boxing-based workouts with targets to jab, uppercut, and hook, and reinforced glowing bars when you duck. Basically, the app simulates actual in-the-ring fights where you box against a humanoid avatar.

The app helps you warm up before your workout and walks you through short cooldown periods, where you stretch before the actual punching and jabbing. There is even a voice that reminds you how to stay in safe form and keeps you motivated while you box.

Through a 360-degree capture and options to choose some of the most beautiful natural locations on Earth, you use the VR set and two fitness-tracking devices that are in your palms to control your moves.

In times when most outdoor exercises are limited because of COVID-19, this is certainly one of the best ways to do some cardio, learn boxing and enjoy punching without getting the punches back (well, at least without any bruises on your face).

If you are new to the world of virtual reality (VR), let’s just say that it was one of the biggest trends a few years ago, when Facebook bought Oculus for about $3 billion (2014) and kicked off the widespread adoption of VR. You can buy a VR set through the official Oculus Quest store and install apps like Supernatural, where you will find a large variety of virtual reality games.

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