Pink Floyd Experience Speaks to Penticton

Pink Floyd Experience Speaks to Penticton

By Roslyne Buchanan.

Presented by Jerry Parry Promotions and Greatest Albums Live (GAL), tribute band The Pink Floyd Experience (PFX) kicked off its Penticton Trade and Convention Centre (PTCC) concert with Speak to Me.

It’s the first song of The Dark Side of the Moon and was followed by all the songs from that album. Speak to Me is an interesting medley of lighting effects plus riffs and sounds such as cash registers of coins, clocks ticking, manic laughter that forecast what the audience will experience as the evening progresses.

Photo credit: Todd Moffses.

Admittedly, it’s not a Pink Floyd favourite of mine even when the original band is playing. In Penticton with ticket holders notoriously late arriving, it was a great way to drive folks to their seats, which was efficient with an audience estimated at 800.

Rather than flowing seamlessly into the next song, Breathe, as I’ve experienced at other concerts, this rendition came to a definite end. That transition between numbers was indicative of how PFX presented this tribute throughout.

Photo credit: Todd Moffses.

PFX performed Pink Floyd tunes competently bringing the music to life although not presenting the “experience” of the story unfolding. Gone were accompanying videos, psychedelic lighting features, and props such as flying pigs and planes. In all fairness, the audience itself may have enjoyed a few recreational tokes and an adult beverage or two but seemed to be lacking the usual psychopharmaceutical enhancements witnessed at other Floydian occasions. Just as well because the 20 minute or so intermission would’ve been a buzz kill.

PFX led by front man Tom Quinn joined by six outstanding musicians is a world-class band based in California. Lead guitarist Quinn and bass guitarist Gus Beaudoin have been together playing Pink Floyd music since 1997 and their passion for it was reinforced time and again as they played off each other.

While we didn’t meet the individual band members by name until the end of the evening, we certainly were introduced to their musical talents. PFX 2019 also included Kirk John Cumming, Jonny Tarr, Eric Denton, Bob Sale and Lauren Leigh. The entire crew were highly talented and versatile musicians and vocalists. Highlights throughout the evening brought focus to each individual, their particular take on Pink Floyd numbers and own rockstar qualities. (See for bios.)

Photo credit: Todd Moffses.

The second half was an eclectic mix of some of the greatest hits by Pink Floyd including Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts I – V), Learning to Fly, Have A Cigar, Echoes (abridged), Wish You Were Here, One Of These Days, Comfortably Numb, and Run Like Hell with Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) used as backdrop to the band member introductions and an audience participation piece.

The crowd was appreciative, participated enthusiastically in the singalong, and cheered loudly when Quinn asked if they’d attend a return visit.

Jeff Parry Promotions and Greatest Albums Live return to PTCC, May 25, 2019 with two tribute bands presenting Tom Petty and Heart. Tickets go on sale Friday, March 1.

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