TECH – Never Been To Italy? Google Takes You On The Best (Virtual) Trip So Far!

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Italia. Italy. No matter how you say it, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. As such, this jewel is visited by millions of tourists on a yearly basis. And if you have never been to Italy and want to take a peek into the wonderful blend of architecture, nature and tradition – there is a way to spend zero dollars and get an experience of a lifetime.Google's Virtual Reality. TECH - Never Been To Italy? Google Takes You On The Best (Virtual) Trip So Far!

Google’s Virtual Reality Takeover Now Includes A Journey To Italy

Wait, does it involve Google?Of course…And it even gets better.Thanks to Google, you can now enjoy Italy in the finest era – a journey from 300 years ago that takes you throw the jewels of Italia in a virtual reality (VR) version of ‘The Grand Tour of Italy’. Whether you are an art lover, an Italophile or just a pure hedonist in search for the most wonderful spot to visit with your own eyes, Google VR is now the viewer you should get.Basically, all you need to do is get Google’s VR Cardboard as the foldable and affordable cardboard viewer that showcases this amazing voyage. Originally created by wealthy young, adventure-seeking men and women whose taste is sophisticated, this journey takes you on a stroll through Venice, Palermo, Siena and Rome in 25 videos, 21 Street View tours, 38 digital exhibits and 1,300 ultra high resolution photos.

The ‘Land Of Divine Art And Ancient Culture’ As You’ve Never Seen It

From museums to art galleries, wonderful sceneries and theaters across the country, you will be able to live in Italy for a moment and appreciate things like the street art in Rome, the Redentore fireworks display in Venice and whatever aspect of culture best floats your boat.Speaking of boats, we personally recommend the Venice VR experience as our most favorite! So, are you ready to dive into the beauty of Italia? Or at least see all the landmarks as a preparation for your actual trip?

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