LNG is NOT a bridge fuel

LNG is NOT a bridge fuel

Let Premier Eby know you want no more LNG

Whatever you call it (LNG, natural gas, fracked gas, liquefied natural gas, fossil gas), our new research confirms that we need to stop the greenwashing and start calling it what it is: a climate and economic disaster.

As more LNG investment decisions loom on the near horizon, we’re letting the B.C. government know that tired old arguments e.g., that fossil gas is a bridge fuel away from coal, just don’t hold up to scrutiny. Today we released a report, Burning Bridge: Debunking LNG as a Climate Solution, that exposes how exporting B.C. LNG worsens the climate crisis.

Sign the petition to say NO to more LNG

LNG is a fossil fuel causing climate pollution. Producing it in Canada and shipping it abroad to burn — even if it replaces coal — will accelerate the climate crisis.

While some argue that LNG can be a bridge fuel in the global energy transition, this new report concludes that this bridge should not be crossed.

An immediate transition to renewables is our best bet in B.C. for secure, affordable and reliable energy.

Short-term thinking to exploit as much B.C. gas as possible will have dire long-term consequences for the planet.

Thank you for taking a stand against LNG.

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