Kohler’s Smart Bath: Run it with just a voice command

Kohler’s Smart Bath: Run it with just a voice command

by Stefan Tasevski 

Imagine running a bath with only your voice command. Well, the future is here, and Kohler’s long-touted product is finally introduced at this year’s CES 2022. As simple as it sounds, you can fill up a bathtub with a simple voice command through Alexa and Google.

However, there is obviously more behind this expensive tub. First on the list is PerfectFill, a technology that consists of a drain kit and digital valve – they work together to draw the bath to the preferred temperature and depth. This practically means no more floods in the bathroom because you forgot the water running.

Kolher’s Smart Bathing line features different products. In the Smart Tub, the bath time can be controlled by the Kohler Konnect app – or via voice – allowing you to program the device up to 10 different bath times so everyone in the house can have it their way. With the PerfectFill technology, you can also drain the tub with your voice or an app command.

While the PerfectFill control system starts at approximately $3,400 CAD, that doesn’t include the sprout and the compatible Kohler bath, as well as the professional installation. The full bathing experience starts at around $10,000 CAD, incorporating the PerfecTfill tech in a smart bathtub that combines water, light, fog, and aroma – all of which are essential to the “at home spa-like experience.”

If the smart spa bath is not enough for you, you can always go for the Infinity Experience model which lets the water flow over the edges into a hinoki wood base, creating a waterfall effect and a sound you’d love to relax with. Everything can be controlled by the Kohler Konnect app, and the other hands-free bathtub models are coming in Q3.

Last year, Kohler announced a smart water monitor named H2Wise and powered by Phyn. This invention will launch in two different version models and can be installed by a homeowner under a sink. Both of them monitor water use throughout every fixture and can notify you of a potential leak as well as help you use water more efficiently.

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