Google Pixel Watch & the 5 features we love about it

Google Pixel Watch & the 5 features we love about it

The Google Pixel Watch was unveiled at the end of September, following months of teasers and the biggest one being during the I/O developers’ conference in May 2022. While most watch fanatics knew what the watch would look like and had some sort of a preview of its software, many were clueless about details related to its pricing, design, and functionality.

Below, we are showing you the five features we love about Google’s Pixel smartwatch.

1. It packs the Wear OS software

The Pixel watch by Google has the Wear OS 3.5 smartwatch software that is used by Samsung, Michael Kors, and Fossil watches. This platform had a rough start and tortuous history, but it seems to finally achieve its big liftoff. The brand-new version of the platform lets you connect with your health, sync contacts, and access common apps such as maps, search, payments, and more in an easy way.

2. We like the simple design

The design of the Pixel Watch is simple, and the smartwatch looks practical. The different strap and mechanism choices also offer plenty of versatility. While the button on the side is not something revolutionary, it is a logical choice. Needless to say, Google’s Wear OS software perfectly complements the sweet design of the hardware with some smart home controls, emergency SOS calling and images that can be used as wallpapers..

3. It supports plenty of apps “with your wellness at heart”

From Calm to MyFitnessPal, Google’s Pixel Watch promotes wellness at heart. Some apps are designed to help you cope with stress, others show you how to track your food intake, and there are ones like Strava that allow you to push your limits and get continued encouragement from a great community. You can also get Sleep Cycle and discover the best ways to get the right amount of rest.

4. It is a unique combination of Google and Fitbit

The fact that Google owns Fitbit is something we were confident about when the Pixel Watch was first announced. This smartwatch inherits some of Fitbit’s health features. The software looks a lot like a completely redesigned Fitbit Sense 2, with an interface that feels quick and snappy. You can see activity data, heart rate, the weather, exercise shortcuts, and other bits of information, and use the side button to pull up the app list.

5. Great battery life

The Pixel smartwatch by Google should last for 24 hours on a single charge. It packs the Exynos 9110 processor and a coprocessor, putting its battery life at about the same length as an Apple Watch. However, we will get to know more once we test and compare these two rivals.

Are these features enough to convince you to buy the latest Google Pixel smartwatch? Let us know in the comments!

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