Good To Be Back: Alfie Zappacosta at The Dream Café Penticton

Alfie Zappacosta returns to The Dream Café Penticton

The Dream Café Penticton is one of those magical venues for musicians and music aficionados alike to plan their next visit even as they enjoy the ambiance of the current performance. Alfie Zappacosta, one of Canada’s most iconic songwriters and performers, subscribes to that philosophy and in his recent appearance stressed the importance of such music-forward locations.

Alfie Zappacosta with Penticton’s Justin Glibbery on keyboards

Zappacosta’s recording and acting career has spanned 40 years and while his chart-topping hits evoke the mid-eighties, a dynamic period in Canadian pop music. A two-time Juno Award winner, he doesn’t take himself too seriously despite his accomplishments and he brings his sense of humour to the stage.

Throughout the evening, he teased about having the worst Much Music on record with his hit “We Should Be Lovers”. The video featured a “Jell-O Showdown” wrestling match featuring attractive women and a passionate kiss which ultimately landed him in the ring. While the video didn’t do the love song justice, his voice certainly did by the end of the evening when he finally shared it. The Italian-born Canadian whose wife of some 30 years died in 2012, joked about “not getting any” and that his love ballads now reflected, “my love is for perogies”. He does, after all, live in Edmonton these days when he is not touring.

Alfie Zappacosta entertaining at The Dream Café Penticton with local Justin Glibbery

Penticton local music teacher Justin Glibbery, whom Zappacosta befriended many years ago, joined him on stage as if often the case especially when he performs in Western Canada. Glibbery brought out the best in keyboards and harmonized beautifully with Zappacosta’s guitar and voice. Their respect for each other was evident and the enthusiastic crowd lapped up every minute.

To learn more about Zappacosta and to purchase his music, see Alfie Zappacosta

Rann Berry was a surprise warm up act prior to the 8 pm advertised performance time in the event notice. Too bad, late arrivals missed some great covers for songs such as “Walking in Memphis” that were offered along with new original tunes.

Rann Berry warming up crowd with covers and original work

If you’ve never attended an event at The Dream Café Penticton, add it to your list of things to do soon. The Dream Café opened in 2001 across Front Street and quickly outgrew the space as music became a focal point. In its current location, it has become widely known as a musical gem where the quality of acoustics surprise you and the intimate space lets artist and audience interact seamlessly.

Relaxed and intimate atmosphere at The Dream Café Penticton

A small menu of eclectic appetizers, entrees and feature dessert such as Gratify Penticton cashew cheesecake also highlights local wines, craft beers and ciders.

Do yourself a favour and check out for upcoming performances.

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