TECH: ELIAH – The New Revolutionary LED Light That Heats

The New Revolutionary LED Light That Heats – An Easy Upgrade With Great Energy Savings

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If you have just realized how beneficial LED lights are when it comes to energy saving, prepare to be amazed once again with a new gadget called ELIAH. According to its founders, ELIAH is the perfect way to combine lighting and warmth and an ideal way to upgrade every single light bulb in your home.

‘Wait, how does it work?’ – you are asking yourself.


ELIAH is actually a very simple system. It combined a LED lamp that lights up your home, accompanied by a heating cooler that also warms it up. This makes it the perfect LED light that comes with a side benefit of warming up every room in your home.

Making Your Home Cozy And Warm In An Instant

The best way about ELIAH is probably the fact that it is able to warm up any room in your home or office in a matter of minutes. The operation is even easier – all it takes is a single light switch to modify the temperature and control the LED lamp at your fingertips.

If you have standard ceiling lights in your homes, don’t worry. ELIAH can easily replace them without any obstruction or the need for renovation. That is why this gadget is perfect for all kinds of rooms – from utility rooms to garages, offices, children’s rooms and even bars and winter gardens.

Just imagine how energy you could be saving with ELIAH….or let us tell you.

According to Liquidbeam, the company behind the project, you can benefit from up to 2,000 lumens of brightness and 2,000 watts of heating output with installing this smart home heating and lighting system.

Select Your Desired Temperature, Save Energy And Enjoy The Different Options

Once ELIAH is on your ceiling, the fun can begin. You can control the LED system with your fingers, select the desired temperature (which is by the way showing on the LED lamp itself) and enjoy your energy bill savings.

There are many interesting modes on the LED lamp such as different colors, brightness modes and levels of operation. You can make your lights dimmed or as bright as you want them to. The high quality and longevity of the product are guaranteed – just like the comprehensive security and safe operation that have been tested for months.

So, How To Get This Amazing Gadget?

Since ELIAH is a startup, the team behind it took the crowdfunding approach and has officially published a campaign, where you can support this invention, enjoy amazing discounts (of up to 40% for two purchased lamps) and hope for the very best!

For more questions about ELIAH, just visit the official website of the manufacturers – or click here to watch the video and support ELIAH on Indiegogo!

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