David Suzuki turns 86

David Suzuki turns 86

Give a gift for the planet to celebrate David Suzuki’s 86th birthday

March 24 — David Suzuki — is 86 years young.

You may have followed his long career as an author, broadcaster and scientist. You may know him as a great teacher, compelling storyteller and inspiring speaker.

What he wants is for Canada to act NOW to solve the most urgent issue of our time: the climate crisis. You can help.

Celebrate his life, his legacy and his tireless work for a better world — with a donation in support of what he cares about most: a safer, healthier, sustainable future.


Your birthday gift will power projects that:

  • Respect, restore and protect forests, wetlands, grasslands and oceans. Preserving ecosystems supports species and averts the worst effects of climate change.
  • Work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples. Recognizing their rights and incorporating knowledge they’ve gained from living in place for millennia are critical to nature restoration.
  • Advance Canada’s climate ambition. A science-based plan will reduce emissions, end fossil fuel subsidies and ensure a just energy transition that leaves no one behind.
  • Promote a well-being economy. Our current economic model creates waste, degrades nature, fails to ensure equity and ignores justice.

NOW — at this very moment in history — if we act together the changes needed to solve the climate and biodiversity crises ARE POSSIBLE.

Even when powerful interests oppose him or challenges seem insurmountable, my dad never stops raising his voice for evidence-based solutions and respect for all life.

With curiosity and passion, he continuously maintains that listening to science and Indigenous knowledge are key to human survival.

If he has ever inspired you, please consider expressing your solidarity with what he stands for with a special donation in honour of his 86th birthday.

My gift in honour of David Suzuki’s birthday


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