Cornucopia 2021 kicks off in Whistler, Nov. 4-28

Cornucopia is Whistler’s annual fall festival of food and drink, made for the epicurious, uninhibited food and drink lover.

Let your taste buds run wild at food and drink tastings, culinary demonstrations, drink seminars, winemaker dinners and more. Head to the mountains to experiment with your palate, expand your knowledge, celebrate, and explore Whistler’s world-class food and drink scene.

Cornucopia is the True North of food and drink festivals – a place of culinary reckonings, where the wild meets the refined and the epic and the epicurious come together.

This November, Cornucopia turns twenty-five and returns to Whistler to celebrate food and drink in style. Embracing the palate, the plate, and the Pacific North West, Cornucopia is a promise of warmth and welcome to all-comers amongst a convivium of global taste-makers.

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2021 Programming

In 2021, Cornucopia will kick off on Nov. 4 and run until Nov. 28. Programming is concentrated on extended weekends, Thursdays to Sundays, and will include modified versions of Cornucopia’s flagship events, special dinners, the culinary stage series, drink seminars, and events hosted by Whistler’s restaurants and bars.

Photo credit: Cornucopia Whistler

Cornucopia’s Flagship Events and Special Dinners

2021 features modified versions of some of Cornucopia’s flagship tasting events, plus new programming. Events include Taste of the World, Winery Speed Dating, Regional House Parties, Poured 2.0, a Murder Mystery Dinner, an Anniversary Dinner to celebrate 25 years of Cornucopia, and more.

Photo credit: Cornucopia Whistler

Culinary Stage Series

The Culinary Stage Series gives you the chance to see talented chefs create mouthwatering dishes, presented to you to enjoy with a perfectly paired drink.



Photo credit: Cornucopia Whistler

Drink Seminars

Cornucopia’s popular drink seminars return in a modified way, with your safety and enjoyment top priority. Sit down and enjoy the experience of tasting and learning about wine, spirits, beer and more with world-class experts in their fields. With over 48 different drink seminars to choose from, this is the perfect place to deepen your knowledge and refine your palate with experts to guide you through each one.

Photo credit: Cornucopia Whistler

Bar and Restaurant Experiences

Cornucopia celebrates Whistler’s word-class culinary scene with food and drink experiences hosted by local restaurants and bars. Winemaker dinners, cocktail pairings, brunches, multi-course menus and more are presented with safety protocols in place. Events are regularly added to the schedule.


An Insider’s Tips on Whistler’s Celebration of Food + Drink: Cornucopia

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