Clean Marine BC welcomes first boating facility in the Interior

Kelowna Yacht Club Basin Photo, Credit to: Shawn Talbot Photography

Clean Marine BC welcomes first boating facility in the Interior
Kelowna Yacht Club earns eco-certification

Vancouver, BC—Kelowna Yacht Club is the first facility in the province’s Interior region to be awarded Clean Marine BC certification, a voluntary eco-certification for marinas, harbour authorities, yacht clubs, and boatyards.

Clean Marine BC is run by Georgia Strait Alliance, a non-profit marine conservation organization. Boating facilities undergo an independent audit to determine their eligibility for certification, and are awarded a rating that ranges from a minimum of one anchor to the top five anchors. These anchor ratings reflect operational practices and initiatives that help to reduce the impact of recreational boating in British Columbia.

Highlights of Kelowna Yacht Club’s four-anchor certification include:

  • Docks that are clean and well maintained, without the continued use of foam flotation, and creosote pilings being replaced with steel
  • Spill protection kits that are visible and well placed
  • Mandatory holding tanks, with a complimentary sewage pump out facility available
  • No onsite refueling or boat maintenance
  • New clubhouse and facilities that are built to the latest codes
  • Extensive onsite recycling collection

“The undertaking of a site audit that focused on how our operations impact the environment was such a beneficial experience,” says Thom Killingsworth, Executive Director of Kelowna Yacht Club. “We are delighted to be recognized for our successful best practices and, more importantly, to learn of areas where we can continue to improve operations at our Club. This is an important initiative and we encourage other clubs and marinas to enroll in the Clean Marine BC certification not just on Okanagan Lake, but throughout the province.”

Christianne Wilhelmson, Executive Director of Georgia Strait Alliance, says; “We’re thrilled to certify our first facility in the BC interior. Ultimately, our waterways are all interconnected and by working with facilities beyond the Strait of Georgia, we are reinforcing the value of the Clean Marine BC program and helping to minimize the impacts of recreational boating on our environment.”

With the certification of the Kelowna Yacht Club, there are 32 marinas, boatyards, yacht club facilities, and harbour authority docks that fly the Clean Marine BC flag.

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