Canada’s Prima Ballerina Chan Hon Goh Hosts Prestigious Kelowna Masterclass on March 13

Canada’s Prima Ballerina Chan Hon Goh Hosts Prestigious Kelowna Masterclass on March 13

Canada’s Prima Ballerina, Chan Hon Goh — Director of renowned dance academy Goh Ballet, kicked-off her seventh annual ballet Masterclass Series last month, bringing lessons from her prestigious career to eight cities across Canada; with the event coming to Kelowna’s Canadian School of Ballet from 4 pm to 6:30 pm this Friday March 13. Each Masterclass brings aspiring dancers nationwide the rare opportunity to train with one of this generation’s most gifted and prolific artists.

Who: Canadian Prima Ballerina and Director of Goh Ballet Academy, Chan Hon Goh

What: Ms Goh’s Masterclass will exemplify RBC and Chan Hon Goh’s shared devotion to advancing the arts in Canada. In the masterclass, Ms. Goh will share her extensive experience as a celebrated performer, teacher and producer, with advanced technical expertise gained as a juror in international dance competitions. Ms. Goh brings to the studio a unique mix of professional training and thought-provoking coaching enhanced by her specific focus on emotional artistic expression.

When: March 13, 2020. The event runs from 4:00 pm until 6:30 pm

Interviews are available between 3 and 4 pm and 6:30 pm and onwards; cameras are welcome at the event.

Where: The Canadian School of Ballet — 2303 Leckie Rd, Kelowna, BC.

Masterclass registration is divided into Piqué (Junior) and Jeté (Senior) groups, based on age and years of classical preparation. Throughout the class, students will learn crucial technical execution, performance artistry, select segments from world-renowned classical variations, and musical phrasing and nuances. All students and parents are invited to join Ms. Goh for a special question and answer period as a part of the Masterclass.

National Scholarship Awards are a part of this series to further assist students with their future training. All participants are eligible to be awarded scholarships and winners will be selected based on their level of output, performance, and technical ability demonstrated during the class.

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