Apple Removes All Vaping Apps From Its Online Store

Apple Removes All Vaping Apps From Its Online Store

By Gonzo Tech. 

Vaping has been a big trend in the past couple of years. The people who “puff” vapours in their electronic cigarettes and similar devices think of it as a less harmful alternative to smoking.

However, the statistics show a different reality – vaping accounts for 42 deaths and more than 2,100 cases of lung injury in the United States alone. This is why big brands are rethinking their decision on offering vaping-related products and services.

All 181 Vaping-Related Apps Are Getting Delisted From Apple’s Store

Apple is one of them – the tech giant decided to delist all of the vaping-related apps from its online store, reports from the tech site Axios show. This means that the list of 181 apps related to vaping will no longer be available on iPhones.

In a statement which Apple gave to Axios, the company talked about the negative health impacts of vaping and the potential problems which are presented by the appeal of e-cigarettes to young people. Apple said that it took “great care” to ensure that the app store was a place where people could trust to get programs for their iPhone.

The vaping apps which were available on Apple’s online store allowed people to control some features of their e-cigarettes, helped them keep up to date with the news or offered themed games related to vaping.

If You Have A Vaping App On Your iPhone, You Will Still Be Able To Use It

Apple also noted that anyone who already had a vaping app on their iPhone would be able to continue using it and transfer it to any new Apple device. However, the company made a move to eliminate vaping apps and prevent new users from downloading and installing them on their iPhones and iPads.

Meanwhile, research by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that there is one ingredient which is most to blame about the causes of respiratory disease. This was the vitamin E acetate, which acted as a thickening agent used in many illegal vaping products. According to the results, even 29 patients hit by the disease have had E acetate in their lungs.


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