Amazon opening its first physical store

Amazon opening its first physical store

by Stefan Tasevski

While many physical stores are closing and going online, the American multinational technology company which focuses on e-commerce has decided to flip the cards and open its first-ever Amazon Style physical clothing store where it features a high-tech shopping experience.

With this, Amazon confirms a rumor from last year, offering brands and consumers “know and love” (as they claimed) and making it easy for people to choose items, sizes, and colors, and send them directly to a fitting room or pickup counter. The first store will come to The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles later this year, as the company said.

Amazon also claimed that it will offer “hundreds of brands” by different fashion brands, as well as “feedback provided by millions of customers shopping on” The company did not specify which brands will be featured, but plenty of luxury and high-end brands that are already listing goods online with Amazon are expected to be there.

The idea for Amazon’s physical store is to double the number of styles that you would have in many other traditional stores. You won’t search manually for the right size and color, too – instead, there will be the Shopping app where you can scan your item’s QR code and see the available sizes, colors, customer ratings, and more.

There will also be an AI-powered algorithm that will recommend more products for you based on what you have already picked. Once you finished picking items. you can open a fitting room door using the app – and wait for your items to arrive “in minutes” thanks to the technology that Amazon uses in its fulfillment centers.

This is not the first physical store that Amazon has opened – the brand already opened a number of Fresh grocery stores, book stores, and even a hair salon.

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