The Addiction Endemic: A Provocative Series

A Gonzo Okanagan indepth Investigation. Writer, Tiffany Brawn takes an honest look at addiction: we are all affected. The cost in human suffering and lost time, is astronomical. It's time we did something about it....

The Webster’s dictionary defines addiction as, “…a compulsive

Tiffany Brawn
Writer, Tiffany C. Brawn R.H.N.C.
Registered Holistic Nutritional Counselor.
…need for and use of a habit-forming substance (such as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal; persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful…”

Every human being on this planet has been affected, in some way, by addiction. Maybe you don’t think you have an addiction, but you might actually be addicted to judging those that do. It’s interesting that the definition highlights that the user knows that the substance is harmful.

At what point do we decide to go against our inner guidance and hurt ourselves consistently? How many of us were taught by the adults in our lives to cope with our emotions and pain in a healthy and energetically empowering way? Most of us unfortunately were shown how to eat, drink, swallow and smoke our feelings away.

At any given time, you can choose to take your Power back. We all have the gift of free-will and liberation is just a series of choices made over a specific length of time.

At some point this self-abuse catches up with us and we are often faced with a major health crisis. Perhaps the original, underlying reason (especially for opioid dependency) was chronic pain. The unfortunate reality is that these powerful prescription medications alter the neurotransmitters of the brain and wreak havoc on the gut, increasing the required dose exponentially, setting the stage for chronic illness and deepening the biochemical dependency. Many of those that cannot find a better solution turn to injectables, like heroine, to get that next more effective fix.

It is in the crisis that we can often give ourselves permission to make big changes, for the better, in our lives. If you are too sick to work, then people won’t judge you for quitting the job that made you miserable, or where you suffered that devastating injury. Whatever it is you’re struggling to overcome, it is going to require you to dig deep! It isn’t going to be easy. However it is through our deepest challenges that we find our greatest inner strength.

Whatever it is you’re struggling to overcome, it is going to require you to dig deep! It isn’t going to be easy, however it is through our deepest challenges that we find our greatest inner strength.

There are so many addictions in our modern era that you would be hard-pressed to meet someone who doesn’t have a habit they are trying to transcend. From the obvious compulsions, like opiate pain-killers, alcohol, marijuana, and sex, to the ever-increasing attachments to technology and dirty EMFs, to convenience foods designed to be disease promoting weapons, our world is a line up of one temptation after another. Although major addictions can harm the mental and emotional health of our Loved ones, it is our own Lives and experiences that suffer the most damage.

The good news is that for every addiction there are specific things that you can do to get some help. The very first step is, of course, admitting you have a problem and asking for help. If your doctor prescribed you the addictive pain-killers in the first place, then go back to have an honest conversation about your need to withdrawal.

In this provocative series we will be exploring the top addictions dis-empowering us today and the lifestyle changes that you can adopt to help you rise up out of the mire.

Far from an anthology on this triggering topic, this series will be an open discussion and up for debate. We encourage you to share your stories and your vulnerabilities, so that other readers will know that they are not alone. We all struggle with these pitfalls and wearing your Humanity on your sleeve is actually an act of courage! At any given time, you can choose to take your Power back. We all have the gift of free-will and liberation is just a series of choices made over a specific length of time. The important thing to know is that it can be done and has been done by multitudes of people throughout history. Perhaps you will add your name to that list starting today!

We will be making regular contributions to this series. Please do check back. The Editor.

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Tiffany Brawn
Drawing on Eastern philosophies from the ancient past, modern Western and progressive ideology, cutting-edge quantum physics and common-sense nutrition, Tiffany harnesses Somatic Empathy and Bio-kinesiology to dive deeply into the root causes of dis-ease and understand it’s role in the evolution and ascension of Humanity. As a child, Tiffany experienced ESP phenomenon on a regular basis. At the age of nine she began a practice in Martial Arts and in Fine Art. These two archetypal disciplines taught her how to channel Quantum Energy from beyond the physical plane. A study of Children’s Literature and the diagnosis of an “incurable” digestive dis-ease throughout her 20’s gave Tiffany a uniquely primal view of the hopes and fears of the Collective Unconscious driving this world. After a fifteen-year personal investment into Holistic Health research and experimentation, Tiffany completed a certification in Holistic Nutrition in her mid 30’s. With a voracious Mind and an unquenchable Spirit, Tiffany feels called to help ease the suffering of Humanity and to plant the proverbial seeds for the impending Age of Aquarius!


  1. Drugs, sex, food and rock and roll… among other things. Name your poison. Though there is still wisdom in the mantra, everything in moderation, we’ve become obsessed with distraction. And the costs are high. Though the opioid crisis looms large, the addiction endemic is not partial to just heavy drugs. Whether you’re method of choice is food addiction or overeating, technology and gadgets, gambling at one of our many casinos in the Province, or if you’re a regular fixture at any one of the millions upon millions of pornography sites on the World Wide Web, the high costs in and to sense of self and identity, self-confidence, in insidious shame; to your bank account, is mounting. Creativity and your personal “gift” in life, that which we bring to benefit others, are at risk of being lost….

    • Thanks Dean! The dis-empowering programming of our culture is thick and it takes a lot of strength to rise above it. If you want to know what our culture is made up of just take a drive down your city’s main street. Likely, and unfortunately, you will see many places to buy poison food, alcohol, cigarettes, and to spend your hard-earned dollars (for very little to no intrinsic value). This was a shocking revelation to me years ago as my body (luckily) forced me down a less traveled path and cracked my mind wide open to these bitter truths. The good news is that there are other choices and they are getting easier to find. Stay strong and change your tribe as you change your mind and lifestyle!!


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