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Drawing on Eastern philosophies from the ancient past, modern Western and progressive ideology, cutting-edge quantum physics and common-sense nutrition, Tiffany harnesses Somatic Empathy and Bio-kinesiology to dive deeply into the root causes of dis-ease and understand it’s role in the evolution and ascension of Humanity. As a child, Tiffany experienced ESP phenomenon on a regular basis. At the age of nine she began a practice in Martial Arts and in Fine Art. These two archetypal disciplines taught her how to channel Quantum Energy from beyond the physical plane. A study of Children’s Literature and the diagnosis of an “incurable” digestive dis-ease throughout her 20’s gave Tiffany a uniquely primal view of the hopes and fears of the Collective Unconscious driving this world. After a fifteen-year personal investment into Holistic Health research and experimentation, Tiffany completed a certification in Holistic Nutrition in her mid 30’s. With a voracious Mind and an unquenchable Spirit, Tiffany feels called to help ease the suffering of Humanity and to plant the proverbial seeds for the impending Age of Aquarius!
The long-term effects of smoking can creep up on you.

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