Top Technology Predictions and Trends for 2020

Top Technology Predictions and Trends for 2020

By Gonzo Tech.

It’s that time of the year…

The time when we look back and see where we are, all while preparing for a new amazing year. The world of technology has been buzzing lately and with the introduction of new technologies, we can certainly say that 2020 will bring many novelties which have not been seen before.

Below, we are listing the top technology predictions and trends that we expect in 2020.

1. Leveraging AI in a greater way
The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is being developed as we speak and in 2020, publishers are expected to monetize their content by using this technology. So, there will likely be some major overhauls in the way they use this technology and build their relationships with readers.

2. Rise of biometric data (and wearables)
Virtual, mixed and augmented realities paired with the all-new 5G technology is everything that biometric data needs to make most of wearable devices. There is already a shift in the way people use their biometric data. Some of the examples to watch out for in 2020 include monitoring health through wristbands, harness the power of your body via wearables and track your performance in ways you never have before.

3. Voice assistants to move into the car
We’ve already seen a lot of voice assistants being built into cars and helping drivers control their temperature, driving mode and other things. The in-vehicle usage is expected to grow in 2020, undergoing a major overhaul with the incorporation of voice-assistant technology as well as new (entertainment) options.

4. Cashierless and autonomous retail technology
Countries like China have already embraced a truly cashless society, inspiring many other nations to follow their lead. In the US and Canada, we can see that Amazon Go is the dominant player closer to the cashierless business models and experiments with autonomous retail.

5. Crowdsourced delivery
The best way to describe this form of delivery is as one that emerged from the gig economy. With many out-of-the-box solutions such as services helping airlines return late baggage and hoteliers getting the left-behind items back to guests, there are many opportunities out there.

At the end of the day, tech is changing all the time. We continue to live in a technologically accelerating world and reap its benefits every day.

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