This Smart Doorbell Lets You Think Twice Before Opening Your Door

This Smart Doorbell Lets You Think Twice Before Opening Your Door

By Gonzo Tech.

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the most popular gadgets for homeowners. However, it is not a brand new thing. The first version was released in 2015 ($99) and recently, the company extended its line of Ring doorbells with the Ring Pro Doorbell ($249) which is a version that offers many new features. There are a total of four Ring doorbells available on the market.

Essentially, this gadget is the household item you need if you are having too much of the porch pirates, door-to-door salespeople or anyone who may pop at your front door. What’s important to note is that the Ring Video Doorbell is a nifty gadget that can make your life a little easier.

How Does The Ring Video Doorbell Work

First of all, installing the Ring doorbell is easy. The packaging is great and the gadget has a boxy design. Once you unbox the item, you will need to drill four holes for anchors. However, if you have wood or siding where you want to put the Ring, you are good to go with only a screwdriver (without any drilling required).

There are setup guides and installation videos you can see online. The important thing, however, is that the Ring works as a regular doorbell even without its camera function. But the real fun begins when you install the camera and monitor the feed yourself through the Ring app on your smartphone. The camera will also send push notifications to your phone whenever someone sets off its motion detectors.

What we love about Ring is the 180-degree field of vision. The mobile app is free and if you get your doorbell camera installed, you will have access to the app – regardless of whether or not you have paid off the hardware.

The Additional Features That Will Tickle Your Brain

The motion detection is first of the additional features – and all of them allow you to customize how far you want the motion detection to reach. You don’t need a push notification whenever it passes in front of your house. However, you still want to know when the UPS guy drops off a package.

All in all, Ring’s doorbell is one of the best upgrades of a traditional doorbell that you can sync with your phone and home assistants. Of course, there is a Ring Alarm security system which comes as per standard.

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